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Bionaire BAP-600 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting guide addresses common problems and some general tips for maintaining the Bionaire BAP-600 air purifier. This device is intended for use in small rooms, and has a permanent filter that can be removed and cleaned.

You are pressing the nightlight power button, but the light is not turning on.

Check to make sure the device is plugged in to the power outlet, and that the rest of the device features are operating. If the rest of the device is not receiving power, see the heading Unit not Turning on.

If the device is receiving power but the LED is not powering on, then the wire connecting the two may be cut, nicked, or otherwise breaking the circuit. To check for this issue, first unplug the device, then the unit will need to be opened following this guide. Check the connection points of the wire to the LED's and to the button circuit board to make sure they are secure. After this, run your fingers along the length of the wire to check for any discontinuities. If the wire is not continuous, then it will need to be replaced using this guide. If the light does not turn on after the connection points are secured, and the wire is continuous, then there is another problem.

If the previous steps have been exhausted and the light is still not turning on, then it is likely that one or more of the LED's have malfunctioned and need to be replaced using this guide.

Unclean smell is being emitted from device and/or particulates are being exhausted into the air

The air filter likely needs cleaned, you should visually inspect it by removing the bottom and clean it according to the cleaning protocol.

Visually inspect the air filter after removing the bottom for holes or abrasions. Lightly palpate your finger on the filter to make sure it is secured to its housing. If it is loose or has defects then use the air filter replacement guide to replace the filter.

Unit is not outputting the same volume of air that it once did.

A common cause of decreased air flow is an air filter that needs to be cleaned. Detach the base and visually inspect the air filter; if it is dirty, then follow the cleaning protocol.

A foreign material, potentially plastic from packaging, is preventing air from being taken in by the fan. Remove the base and visually inspect for any blockages, if found remove and wipe the grated base clean.

Open the device to access the top as shown in '"this repair guide"'. Visually inspect top exhaust vent and remove any foreign material that may be obstructing exhaust.

When the power button is pressed but air filter doesn't turn on.

Look at power cord to see if is fully inserted in the outlet. If it is not fully inserted, fully insert it into the outlet.

Verify that the specific outlet being used has power. If not sure, test outlet with another device to see if their is power.

Verify that the power cord isn’t damaged, cut, or visibly broken. If the cord is damaged then replace it.

When you hear an abnormal sound coming from the air filter or dust is coming out of the exhaust .

Check if the air filter is dirty. Follow instruction from disassembly of humidifier to get to air filter.

Visually inspect fan of the air filter to make sure no foreign objects are present.

Visually inspect fan and check if the fan is secure to the housing.

After changing the filter, the filter check indicator will not reset

Turn off the air purifier and unplug the machine, then remove the base of the air purifier to gain access to the air filter. Look at the air filter and see whether or not it is necessary to swap out the old air filter with a new one. If not, clean the air filter by using warm water with soap to remove any debris.

Make sure that the air purifier is connected to a 12V socket and make sure that the power is on. Ensure that the filter and base is completely flushed with each other, then press and hold the filter reset button for three seconds.

I try to install the base of the device, but it doesn’t want to adhere to the rest of the drive.

Make sure the base of device is flushed inside the bottom opening that the air filter is located in. Thus, make sure the circular emboss (there’s a ‘unlocked’ padlock located nearby) that’s located on the base stand is in line with the circular emboss on the clear plastic rim located behind near the 12V cord.

Make sure that none of the base’s plastic is fully intact and doesn’t have chips, cracks, or broken pieces that can prevent the base to connect to the housing of the equipment.

Make sure that none of the housing’s plastic is fully intact and doesn’t have chips, cracks, or broken pieces that can prevent the housing to allow the connection for the base to fit.


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