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Bell and Howell T100HD-R Troubleshooting

Red camera model. Released in 2011.

Camera either doesn’t take pictures or the screen is black.

You open the battery by sliding the battery cover on bottom left part of camera, down, then releasing until battery cover pops open and batteries are exposed. Hold camera to the side until batteries fall out and replace with three new standard AAA batteries. If camera does not turn on, check inside the battery cavity for signs of corrosion or faulty contacts.

If no SD card is inserted already insert a standard SD or SDHC card into the SD card slot on left side of camera. When there is no SD card the camera will be unable to take pictures because it has no memory.

It’s possible that the power button is stuck or that it is not sending a signal to turn on the camera. Look at the disassembly guide to open the camera. Look on the side where the camera controls are. Use a Philips head screwdriver to If the switch is stuck, readjust it so that it can be press normally. Retry turning on the camera. If the problem persists, observe if there are any breaks in the wires leading from the button to the motherboard. If so, a replacement power button can be ordered online and used to replace the faulty power button.

In most cases the USB port does not work because of mechanical failure from mistreated product use.

When trying to release the USB port the sliding mechanism jams and the user is unable to slide the USB port out of the camera. Refer to the disassembly guide for a broken sliding mechanism.

If you notice chipping or scratching on the contacts the USB port may not be able to send data from camera to personal computer drive. In this instance, you would either have to use soldering tools to open the contact back up or bring your camera to a professional.

Sometimes the memory card gets stuck inside the SD card slot and will not eject from the camera.

The ejector mechanism does not work properly or is jammed on the inside of the camera. Look at the Disassembly Guide to fix the spring that ejects the SD card.

The SD card can become damaged by misuse and therefore not permitting it to eject out of the card slot. To fix this you may need to follow the disassembly guide or try yourself to remove chipped or damages parts of the SD card.

The microphone is having trouble picking up sound.

The wire contacts inside the camera can become damaged over time from wear and tear or misuse of the product. Follow the disassembly guide to fix internal contacts to the microphone.

The microphone is located in a spot that can be covered by your hand or fingers. When covering the microphone slot it can completely stop the incoming sound.

When recording, if the audio is too far away the microphone will not be able to pick up the sound. Make sure that all subjects are within range of the cameras microphone and any ambient noise is out of range.


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