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Asus X501A-RH31 Troubleshooting

Identified by model number X501A-RH31. Released date: September 2012.

When the laptop is being used without the charger plugged in, the battery dies quickly or sometimes the device does not turn on.

After many charge cycles, the cathode in the battery wears out and loses its ability to hold a charge. In simpler terms, when the battery is continuously overcharged, it gets less effective as time progresses. The only solution is to replace the old battery with a new one.

Shutdown the laptop and unplug AC adapter, remove the battery, plug in AC adapter, turn on the laptop, allow the operating system to boot up. Once logged in to the machine again, perform a normal shut down, unplug the AC adapter, replace the battery, plug in the AC adapter and turn on laptop. Finally allow the operating system to boot up and the status should now say “Plugged in and charging”.

Keep placing and displacing the battery, make sure the battery is clean, try turning the laptop on, and if this doesn't work, try displacing the battery and plug the laptop in with the charger (without the battery). If the laptop turns on, then the battery needs to be replaced with a new one. Follow this guide on how to replace the battery, Asus X501A-RH31 Battery Replacement.

When a key is pushed on, it does not work

Over time, dirt and other things accumulate in and under the key board. If enough accumulates it can interrupt the function of the keys. Try spraying under the keys with a can of compressed air. Make sure to blow the keys in all directions as well as surrounding areas.

If specific keys do not respond, (they cannot be clicked) and the compressed air did not solve the problem, try removing the key. This guide, Asus X501A-RH31 Broken Keyboard Key Replacement will help with the removal of the key. When you remove the key, use compressed air again to clean it and make sure there is nothing obstructing that area. After this, put the key back.

When you push on any key, the majority or all of the keys will not respond. This can be the cause of a faulty keyboard. To replace the key board with a new one, reference this guide, Asus X501A-RH31 Keyboard Replacement

The device feels hot to touch

If the device feels hot and over worked, make sure there are not too many applications, web browsers, and games open. Only have the necessary applications open. This will reduce the work your device has to do which will cool the laptop in the process.

Are you using your laptop on your lap or uneven surface? Laptops are designed to be used on a hard, flat surface for maximum cooling. Make sure that the vents are not blocked when you are using your device.

An accumulation of dirt and dust on the laptop’s fan can cause overheating. To fix this problem, follow this repair manual on how to replace the fan, Asus X501A-RH31 Fan Replacement.

When touching the touch pad, the mouse will not move or it sporadically moves.

Touch pads are very sensitive and therefore if there is dirt and other substances on your touch pad, it may interrupt the functioning of it. Take a damp cloth or paper towel and firmly clean the surface of the touch pad. Make sure your finger is clean as well.

The touch pad may have been turned off accidentally. To turn on the touch pad, use the arrows and enter button as your commands. Tab to settings and tab down to devices and hit enter. From there, tab over to the mouse and touchpad option and press enter. Finally, tab over to the ELAN, press enter, and turn your touch pad on.

The touch pad may be broken or disconnected. In this case, click on this guide, Asus X501A-RH31 Touch Pad Replacement for steps on how to replace and fix a broken touch pad.

The laptop is turned on, but the monitor remains black.

You may have too much static in your device that can disable your LCD screen. The first thing you want to do is take the battery out. This will help get rid of the static. You can consider this guide useful. Then you want to make sure that your charging cable is not plugged in and hold the power button for thirty seconds. After thirty seconds, plug in the charging cable and attempt to turn on the computer.

If this does not work, there may be a disconnected wire in your LCD screen. You will want to disassemble your device and reconnect the LCD cable.

If the LCD cable is not disconnected or damaged, then your LCD screen may be broken. You will have to replace the LCD screen. Click on this guide for steps on replacing the LCD screen, Asus X501A-RH31 LCD Replacement.

Device cannot connect to Wi-Fi or has slow speed.

Sometimes the router that wirelessly transmits the Wi-Fi can be disconnected or too far away and this can cause weak or no Wi-Fi signal. Simply, disconnect and reconnect the router or move it to a different location.

The Wi-Fi receptor could be damaged. To fix this you will need to replace the Wi-Fi card in your device.

The device will not close fully.

Opening and closing of your laptop can cause the hinges to wear out. Most likely, if your device will not close, your hinges may be seized or broken. You will need to replace them. Reference this guide in helping you do so, Asus X501A-RH31 Hinges Replacement.

The operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely. This is also known as a system crash.

The BSOD usually occurs when new software has been downloaded with the wrong drivers. When this occurs, it makes it difficult for Windows to boot up. To avoid this, you need to restart the laptop by holding the power button down until it shuts off.

If the laptop is overeating, shut it off and leave it for few hours to cool off. Unplug any USB flash drivers, HDMI cables, Controllers etc. The keyboard and mouse can stay plugged in, everything else has to be unplugged. When your device has been restarted, run a virus scan to check for any threats.


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