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Asus ROG GL551J Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting page to identify and resolve problems with the Asus ROG GL551J

Audio coming from my laptop’s speakers is not normal (low sound, static noise, warped sound.)

Often times, installed programs have the ability to take control of the sound settings on your laptop. To figure out if there’s a program changing your sound settings, right click the taskbar, select task manager, and end recently installed programs one by one.

Foreign objects stuck in the speaker grill could distort the audio coming from the speakers. Remove any possible particles from the speakers by using a vacuum on the grill.

Make sure that your laptop’s sound is not muted. Hold the fn key and press f10.

Make sure that your laptop’s speakers are not disabled. In your system’s search bar, search for and select sound. Select the playback tab, right click ‘speakers’ and make sure ‘Disable’ is not checked.

The sound coming from your speakers are low and hard to hear. Increase your laptop’s system volume by holding the fn key and pressing f12

Your speakers may be damaged and no longer functional. See this guide for how to replace the speaker

My internet connection is nonexistent or unstable.

Make sure that the Wi-fi adapter is turned on. To do this, press the fn key followed by the key with the adapter symbol on it.

You may not be connected to a network. Check the documentation for your operating system to see how to determine if you are connected to a network and, if not, how to connect to one.

It is possible that your Wi-fi adapter has been disabled in the operating system. Check the documentation for your operating system to see how to enable the device.

Your Wi-fi adapter may be damaged and no longer functional. See this guide for how to replace the adapter.

I am getting no signal from the screen.

Your laptop’s settings may have the brightness of your screen turned down low. You can fix this by holding the fn key and pressing the f6 key to increase the brightness.

Improper handling of your laptop might’ve caused the screen connector to come loose from the motherboard. See this guide for how to check the screen connector for the motherboard.

Your screen may be damaged and no longer functioning properly. See this guide for how to replace the screen.

Pressing the power button doesn’t power my laptop on.

Make sure that the battery is connected to the laptop. If the battery is connected and the laptop still does not power up, the battery may be defective. To test this, attempt to power on the laptop while a charger is plugged in. If the laptop powers on then, the battery is faulty. Learn how to replace the battery using this guide

Make sure the laptop charger is plugged into the laptop and the charge light is on. If the light is not on, the charger is defective. A new laptop charger may be needed.

I cannot eject a disk from the drive

Foreign objects that become stuck in optical drives often prevent the platter (what the cd is placed on) from sliding, and thus from opening and closing. An object may also prevent the CD from rotating. Turn off the laptop and tilt it so that the optical drive is facing downward. If the optical drive is stuck while open, shake the laptop gently until the object is free. If this does not work, a small pair of pliers can suffice if used gently. If the optical drive is stuck while closed, take a thin piece of paper, a blank cd, or a credit card and slide it in gently. Do not apply to much force as to avoid breaking. Apply pressure while pressing the eject button, gently shake till object is free

Use the method listed above for optical drive stuck when closed. If the CD only partially ejects, apply slight outward pressure to the CD and remove it from the platter before attempting to free the platter. Often a stuck cd might be the result of a foreign object.

A CD drive might refuse to spin due to the drive pulley slipping. Disassemble the optical drive and Gently remove the belt and clean with rubbing alcohol. If the belt is broken, refer to our replacement guide.

A drive will often refuse to work due to motor failure. Refer to our replacement guide.


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