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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

ASUS ROG G53SW-XT1 Troubleshooting

Keyboard/Keys Will Not Respond

The keys on the keyboard of your laptop will not respond, are broken, or missing.

Malfunctioning Keyboard

First try restarting your computer to see if that will fix the connection. If the entire keyboard seems to be faulty, try replacing it with this guide.

The Keys Cannot Be Pressed

If the keys will cannot be pressed, there may be some physical object preventing them from doing so. If this is the case, try removing the keys, taking an electronically approved cleaning wipe, and remove anything beneath the keys, and wipe the area down thoroughly. Then replace any removed keys.

Keys Are Missing

If there are missing keys, purchase new ones to replace them.

Laptop is Overheating

Your laptop may be overheating if the quality of audio or video content spikes, the fan never stops running, or programs are slow to open and give strange error messages. At worst, your computer may even shut itself off.

Fan is Dirty

First, attempt to clean the fan with compressed air or a cotton swab. Open the laptop using steps the beginning steps from our fan replacement guide, and clean dust from the fan using a can of compressed air.

Fan Does Not Work

If your laptop continues to overheat, you may need to replace one or both of the fans. Use this replacement guide for instructions.

Unresponsive power jack

The laptop will not respond, or it doesn’t react when you plug in the adapter and press on the power button.

Faulty Connection

Take the plug fully out and then fully place back into the motherboard. Make sure it’s seated fully in the socket

Weak power cord

Either replace the cord or repair the electrical connection to it. Repair the power cord using this guide.

Dead or Rapidly Dying Battery

Your battery is not charging when it is plugged into a power source as indicated by “plugged in but not Charging” on its status.’’

Battery is not charging

First shutdown your laptop laptop (either through the start menu or holding the power button for several seconds). After the laptop has been shut down, unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery. Next, plug the AC adapter back in, turn on the laptop, and log on. After logging on, shutdown your laptop again and remove the AC adapter. Re-insert the battery then the AC adapter and turn on your computer. Your battery status should now say, “plugged in and charging”. If your battery fails to charge you may need a replacement battery.


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