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Asus Q534U Troubleshooting

Asus Q534U is part of ASUSTek Computer Inc. Q-series 2 in1 laptops

Yellow tint on the screen is caused by Asus Splendid Utility that is disabled by default, to be on "Eye Care." To remove the yellow tint, start by pressing the windows button on the bottom left to open the search bar. In the search bar type "Splendid Utility" and select the application by that name. When the utility is open click on the button that says "Normal" and that would remove the yellow tint off the screen.

Drivers ensure that hardware runs as intended on the computer. Over time drivers can get outdated and an update is required. Go to the Asus driver/support website and make sure that the video drivers are up to date. If they are not, then proceed to install the new driver following the instructions on the page.

LCD screens can get damage from overuse, drops, and excessive heat. If the LCD screen is damaged then the LCD screen must be replaced.

Go into the device manager from the start menu. Click Control Panel and then device manager. If it appears with and exclamation point the latest Audio driver from the ASUS official site must be installed. If that doesn’t work then the playback device needs to be checked. To do this go to the start menu, select control panel, and then select sound. If the speaker is not the default device then right click on the red square and select "Set as Default Device".

A possible issue could be the microphone volume. To fix this go into the Start Menu, then Control Panel, and select Sound. Here select Recording and then Microphone. Right click and choose Properties where the levels of volume can be changed and ensure the microphone hasn’t been muted.

The hard disk is the storage unit of the computer and its failure is caused by overheating or by physical trauma which damages the moving arm. It can be fixed by replacing the hardware connections for outside damages by checking if the connections are properly fixed in and overheating causes permanent information loss and damage that is required for booting up and you would have to replace the hard drive.

The clicking sound is caused by the arm moving back and forth in which case open the hard drive and calibrate the arm. If the parts are broken beyond repair you can purchase them on the Asus online parts store.

The screen could malfunction from physical trauma for the hardware or if the new updates are not compatible with your laptop for software. The computer could be set to "disable the touchscreen". First check the control panel and go to"power management" and uncheck "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

Check if the updates are compatible with the computer by open devices and printers on the start menu and right click the name of your computer the click "device installation settings" and click "Yes, do this automatically" and click "save changes".


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