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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Asus MeMO Pad HD 8 ME180A

I try touching the touch screen, but my tablet isn’t registering my commands.

If the touch screen is not responding, try plugging it to the keyboard using the trackpad and test if the mouse is moving around or working. Try to reset it while it is shut down and keep holding the power and volume buttons for sometime until you see letters on the screen. If you don't see any response, the touch screen need to be replaced. Replace the touch screen using the screen replacement guide.

I plug in my headphones, but I can’t hear any sound.

Test the sound coming from the tablet without using the headphones. If you can hear sound, the audio jack and/or the headphones are broken. Ensure the headphones are plugged in properly. If you still can’t hear sound, try a different pair of headphones.

I plug my tablet into the charger, but it isn’t charging.

If the light on the adapter is on, when the adapter is plugged in to your computer, then the adapter is working well. If the tablet only powers up when the adapter is plugged in, regardless of charging time, then the battery is broke. This shows you that since it is not holding a charge, it needs to be replaced. Replace the battery using the battery replacement guide.

Try using a different cable, but the same adapter. If the tablet starts charging, the issue is with your cable. If not, try the old cable and a new adapter. If the tablet starts charging, the issue is with your adapter. If not, use a new cable and a new adapter. This will fix the issue, if your issue is due to a broken charger.

My tablet is creating a sound that somewhat resembles static.

Test audio through the wireless speakers, then test it using headphones. If you are still hearing distorted voice through the speakers only, then the speakers are broken. Speaker replacement is needed. Replace the speaker using the speaker replacement guide.

I press the power key, but my tablet won’t power on.

Open the back case and check if the power button is connected properly to the device. If not, try to reconnect it back properly to the device. If it is connected properly, then it might be a sensor issue.

Open the back case of the tablet and locate power key and check if you get any response by pressing on the inner button. If is still no response, then the sensor is defective and has to be replaced. Replace the defective power sensor using the power sensor replacement guide.

I try to change the volume, but my tablet won’t register that I’m pressing the volume button.

Turn on camera and try to take a picture by using the volume key. See whether it’s working or not. Turn on the camera and set volume key as the shutter by clicking the function menu on the top left corner. If the volume button is still not responding, try to restart your device. If the button is still not responding, try to backup your data and perform factory data reset to the device. If none of these work, then the volume sensor is broken. Replace the volume sensor using the volume sensor replacement guide.


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