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Asus Eee PC 900HD Troubleshooting

My computer will not turn on sometimes or it will turn off randomly.

First, make sure that the computer and the computer charger is fully connected to the wall and the computer itself. Second solution if first solution will did not work, charger may have been worn out, and a replacement must be made in order to fix the battery life span. Or there could possibly be a circuit problem in the actual charger/computer which again would need a replacement.

My screen will not light up or my computer stays black when trying to turn on.

First cause of this problem could be from the display not fully showing the images. In this case a backlight must be replaced.

Secondary would be an internal source has been either backed up or over stored, for example a full hard drive can cause computer to not respond correctly, and the RAM (random access memory) may be affected or over used. In any of the two cases just listed a replacement may need to be made.

My screen will not turn on or my screen is very dim.

In case of screen not being able to turn on or to have full brightness first check to see if the brightness level on the computer is at full brightness. After doing so, if the display will still not turn on then an internal fix would have to take place. Check the back light of the screen to make sure it is not out. If so the replacement of the back light will be in order.

Some of my keys on my keyboard will not press down all the way or my keyboard will not respond.

Check to see if your keyboard is clean in-between the keys or the perimeter of the entire keyboard. If after cleaning has not fixed the problem then a replacement of keys may be in order to fix the problem of unresponsive keys. After replacing the key of the keyboard does not work then one must look internally at the keyboard and see if the circuits are in correct function.

My track pad will not allow me to direct my curser in a certain direction.

In case of track pad failure, first simply clean the track pad in order to relieve it of any type of gunk that may be causing it to work inefficiently. If cleaning has not worked, a replacement of the whole pad may be in order to fix the track pad.


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