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Asus Chromebook C300MA-EDU Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Asus Chromebook C300MA-EDU.

Audio Sounds Distorted ¶ 

You have issues listening to sounds from your device.

Loose Headphone Jack ¶ 

If sound begins to cut or distort, check the headphones to see if they are plugged into the jack all the way. A loose audio jack tends to be a common issue for distortion.

Audio Driver Issue ¶ 

An outdated or corrupted audio driver can cause sounds to skip and lag. You can go to the Asus website and search for updates or fixes to your audio driver here:Asus Driver Page. Another option is to go to ‘Sound and Multimedia’ settings inside System Options and updates the driver from there.

Speaker is Cracked or Broken ¶ 

In this case, you will have to replace the speaker to repair the computer.

Battery Not Charging or Holding Charge ¶ 

Your battery won’t hold or induce charge.

Battery Usage ¶ 

Laptop batteries these days do not require you to fully drain the battery to keep a good life cycle. If the Chromebook begins to heat up in temperature during usage, consider closing out any background activity that might be running your battery down. If the problem persists, attempt to remove the battery or provide sufficient ventilation to the cooling vents.

Old Battery ¶ 

Most laptop batteries lose charge over time, typically over the course of a few years. Consistent use of a laptop battery over time will drain it’s charging capacity until it will no longer hold charge - relying solely on external power to run. To restore charge time and speed, a common solution is to order a new battery from Asus. Your Chromebook has a replaceable battery and can be replaced with basic tools.

Defective Power Cable ¶ 

A defective power cord can create the illusion that your battery won’t charge. If the Chromebook is charging and disconnecting at the same time, the battery will use power as fast as it can charge it. A simple test to ensure the power cable is still functional is to remove the battery and run the Chromebook on AC power. If the Chromebook flickers on and off in power usage, the cable is defective and will need to be replaced. A replacement can be found by calling Asus Product Support @ 1-888-678-3688 (toll free), or from a 3rd party source.

Internal Wiring ¶ 

If your laptop persists with battery issues after changing the internal battery and replacing the power cable, internal wiring maybe the issue. If the circuitry inside the Chromebook is loose, cracking, breaking off or damaged, the battery will not charge properly. In the event that the Chromebook has internal wiring issues, you will require professional repair from Asus or a computer shop.

Keyboard is not Registering Inputs ¶ 

Your laptop is not recognizing keys when they are being pressed.

Dirty Keys/Debris ¶ 

A common cause of key failure is simply dirt and debris getting stuck under the keys. You can first attempt to tilt the laptop and knock any major debris out. If that doesn’t work, simply taking a handheld compressor or vacuum to the keys can do the trick. If it seems to be smaller dirt/oils, ensure you have powered of the computer, and wipe along the keys with a wipe, ensuring no liquid gets under the keys.

Faulty Keyboard ¶ 

On this computer, the keyboard is all one unit. If cleaning it did not fix it, you will have to replace the keyboard.

Computer is Overheating ¶ 

When using the computer, it is getting very hot and the fan is making unusual noises. The computer may also be powering off when hot, or showing a blue screen.

Dust or Debris in Vents ¶ 

Sometimes the issue is simply dust or debris in the fans and vents. To fix this, simply use an air compressor or small vacuum to clear out the vent.

Incorrect Power Adapter ¶ 

Ensure that you are using the correct power cable when charging, as wrong amounts of power can cause overheating. Also ensure the outlet you have the computer plugged into is not faulty by testing it with another device.

Thermal Paste Issue ¶ 

Your processor may not have enough insulation, which is causing your computer to overheat. To fix this, you can replace the thermal paste on the processor.

Can’t Connect to Internet/WiFi ¶ 

Your device is not connecting to the Internet.

WiFi Turned Off ¶ 

To determine if your WiFi is turned on or off on your device, go into your Settings → Network & Internet. Here, you be able to see if Airplane Mode was on, which will turn your WiFi off automatically, or simply that your WiFi connection was switched off. If your WiFi is on, however, there may be an issue with your network card.

Faulty Network Card ¶ 

If your network card is not working, it may be shorting out. Take off the keyboard and make sure that the network card is connected properly, as this is a common cause for a short-circuit. If the problem continues, you may need to replace the network card.


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