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Asus Chromebook C300MA-DH02 Troubleshooting

How to fix common issues with the Asus Chromebook C300MA-DH02. Released in July, 2015.

My computer is working just fine, but I cannot access the internet

If your Chromebook is on but you cannot access the internet, you might have turned off the Wi-Fi functionality. In order to turn this back on, click your account photo, click "No Network" and then finally click the Wi-Fi on/off switch. If you see "Connected to" and your Wi-Fi name, your Chromebook is already connected to the Wi-Fi.

If your Wi-Fi settings are turned on and you cannot find a network, you may have a faulty wireless card. Look at our wireless card replacement guide so you can get back to browsing the internet.

Parts: Wireless Card

Tools required: Phillips #000 Screwdriver, iFixit Opening Tool and Spudger

After turning on my Chromebook, I cannot see anything, or the images are too dim for me to see well.

The screen's display brightness may have been turned down. On the top row of your keyboard buttons, there are two keys with a picture of the sun. Press the bigger one to brighten the display or the smaller one to dim it.

If Chromebook's power light is on and the steps above do not fix the problem, the display may need to be replaced. To check if this is the case, use an HDMI cable and plug in to an external display. Hold down ctrl and the fifth key on the top row from the left(rectangle with two triangles in the corners). If display shows up on the external display, the screen needs to be replaced. Follow the Display Replacement Guide.

Parts: Display Screen

Tools required: Phillips #000 Screwdriver, Spudger and Tweezers

My touchpad doesn't register me touching it.

Press the Esc key several times, some people report the issue is fixed after 5-10 hits.

Perform a drumroll with your fingers on the touchpad.

Press and hold the power button until all the lights go off. Wait 10 seconds and then power on.

Find a USB mouse and plug it in using a USB port. Move the mouse, if the cursor moves then the touchpad may be faulty. Replace the touchpad with Trackpad replacement guide

Parts: Touch Pad

Tools required: Phillips #000 Screwdriver, Spudger and Tweezers

When I try to power on my computer, nothing happens

Connect the power adapter to the laptop. If the laptop runs, the battery could have been dead.

If the laptop still won't turn on, you may need to replace the battery with Battery replacement guide

Parts: Battery

Tools required: Phillips #000 Screwdriver and Spudger

Make sure the adapter is completely plugged in to the Chromebook. A light should turn on indicating that the laptop is charging. If this light does not turn on then the power adapter may be faulty and you may need to purchase a new one.

Parts: Power Adapter

If the steps above did not help, the motherboard may be the problem. If after pressing the power button no beeps are heard, no lights turn on, and/or no fans start up, the motherboard can be faulty. Replace the motherboard with Motherboard replacement guide

Parts: Motherboard

Tools required: Phillips #000 Screwdriver and iFixit Opening Tool


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