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Astro Mixamp Troubleshooting

Astro Mixamp is a popular mid-range amplifier designed for enhancing video game experience. It can be paired with PC and all other video game consoles.

The device will not power on when connected to the USB charging cable.

Dropping the device can cause the USB port to disconnect from the motherboard. The USB port may need to be replaced or be re-soldered to the motherboard. Use this guide to replace the port.

The USB charging cable may not be functioning properly and will not charge the Mixamp device. The cable will need to be replaced with a new charging cable.

The audio is not audible or is distorted.

There may be a loose cable connection with the Mixamp or other device. Try disconnecting and reconnecting all cables.

Though unlikely, the headphones in use may not be operating correctly. Try connecting a different pair to the Mixamp device.

If the audio is still distorted there may be a broken connection in the amplifier motherboard. This guide will replace the motherboard completely.

Settings cannot be adjusted effectively using the panel dials.

The panel dial may be sticking or not rotating properly. A buildup of dust or other material can be affecting the dial performance. Use the Panel Dial Replacement Guide to disassemble the dial, then clean and reassemble the device.

If a panel dial is missing, replace it using the Panel Dial Replacement Guide.

If the dial fails to respond the connections to the motherboard may be damaged, replace the amplifier motherboard.

Device doesn’t respond when control buttons are pressed .

The control buttons of the device may be affected by a buildup of residue. If the buttons are toggled but don't return to their original positions, the problem can be fixed with the control button replacement guide.

If the buttons are not stucking, there may be a broken connection to the motherboard. Replacing the motherboard will be necessary in this case.

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My usb port was damaged. I have refixed it. But now theres no audio. What can i do

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