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Astro A50 Troubleshooting

Check here for any basic problems encountered when using the Astro A50 and their corresponding solutions.

The headset isn’t coming on at all or lasts for a shorter time than the product design.

Make sure the headset has been charged for the appropriate time using the charger provided with the headset. If the headset will not power on at all then a faulty battery could be a possible cause. If the headset powers on but dies faster than the company advertises then a faulty battery is most likely the cause.

The headset isn't fitting correctly or won't stay on your head.

These headsets are adjustable to fit a variety of head sizes. First check to see if you have adjusted the headset in the appropriate way to fit your head. If that doesn't work then the headset might be structurally malfunctional or broken. This can be fixed by correctly reconstructing the frame or replacing it.

If the frame of your headset has separated or snapped due to physical damage then a replacement part is needed.

The microphone is not recording or reading your voice.

First make sure that the microphone is not mute. If the microphone is not mute and the headset is still not picking up your voice your microphone could be broken. If your microphone is broken then the headset will not pick up your voice or it might only pick up your voice sometimes. A common problem is that the firmware needs to be updated. to fix this you will need to go to the Astro Gaming website and update your firmware. If your firmware is updated then you will need to repair your microphone.

The headset is unable to connect to a wifi setting.

Double check that the wifi option is turned on. If the wifi option is active and working and still not connecting to wifi, double check the wireless connectivity of the source of wifi nearby and make sure that it is within range of the A50’s capability, which is up to 25 feet. If after checking the activity of the wifi option and the connectivity of the wifi, you still cannot connect to wifi, the issue is a broken transmitter, which would need to be replaced or repaired.

The sound coming out of the headset is not expected.

If no sound is coming out of the headset speakers (both or only one) or is all you are hearing is static; first make sure correct that headset is on or that you are connected to radio transmitter. If headset is on and connection indeed is made and to transmitter then the speaker will need to be replaced or repaired.


how do you fix a faulty battery? my headset just wont turn on at all

Andreya Deluca - Reply

i have a problem with my head set today i was playing and the head set was on low battery and it died so i charged them aftern that it wont turn on

Mohammed Alfattan - Reply

So how do you repair the microphone? Firmware is updated and everything. Still my mic will not work at all. Please help!

Jake Duffee - Reply

My head set won’t turn on at all I tryed the hard reset with holding the game button and equalizer won’t turn on tryed hooking it to the pc still won’t turn on wen I look on my Xbox it says it’s all plugged in and working but no power light please help

Shane - Reply

everything works but im stuck on one channel. i cannot switch between my 3 EQ’S

dtwillson3 - Reply

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