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Apex TM785CH Troubleshooting

Apex TM785CH 16GB Tablet troubleshooting guide.

No matter what you do, the tablet will not turn on when the power button is pressed.

Plug the device into a wall outlet or computer. Check for the battery icon to appear on the screen after a few minutes. If the battery icon does appear, press and hold the power button for several seconds to power on. If the icon does not appear, consider replacing your battery.

Try the charger in another outlet. If it does not charge the tablet in any outlet, consider purchasing a new charger.

Perform a factory hard reset by pressing and holding the volume up + volume down + power buttons. Release when the device restarts.

If the battery appears to be the cause of the problem, consider replacing the battery.

When depressed, the buttons do not cause anything to happen.

To begin, open the tablet. If the buttons do not pop back into place automatically, try to loosen them by moving them around gently.

The buttons are likely worn out and will no longer function. Replace the defective buttons.

The battery does not charge when plugged in, but remains dead or dying.

Check the plug and the charger to make sure that they are both working properly. If everything else works properly, then replace the battery.

Disassemble the tablet and push the charging port down until you hear it click back into place or until it no longer moves around when touched.

There may be a problem with the circuit board. If so, consider replacing the circuit board.

The device is not responding as quickly as it should be.

Connection could be slow due to your personal router. Disconnect the device from the WiFi connection, reboot your router (usually by just unplugging, waiting 30 seconds and plugging back in), and reconnect the device. If this does not work, consider changing the router channel that you are currently using.

If the device is continually freezing, leave the device alone for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure to close all of your apps so nothing is running in the background. If this does not fix the problem fully, turn off the auto-sync function. You can also turn off the GPS function to increase speed of device.

Applications and music are not audible.

Unmute the device by depressing the volume up button a few times until sound is produced.

If sound is still produced while using headphones, you may need to replace the speakers.

If a crackling sound is produced, the speakers may have been moved. Disassemble the device, and reposition the speakers to their original placement.

If buttons are constantly depressed and cannot be pressed down or there is no response from the device when they are pressed, consider replacement.

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My tablet will power up, however the touch screen does not respond at all. It did get knocked off the dining room table onto the linoleum floor. It did work last night, but this morning it does not. Help me please.

craig marschall - Reply

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