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Amazon Fire HD 7 4th Generation Troubleshooting

Released September 2014.

Screen is Frozen   ¶ 

The Kindle Fire HD 7 does not respond to touch.

Restart your Device ¶ 

Many issues could be solved by as simple as restarting your device. Hold the power button on the top right of your kindle until it turns off and then turn back on.

Kindle Requires an Update ¶ 

Like any other device, many problems could be solved by software update. Go to the setting swiping down from the top of the screen. Then tap on more, tap device and then about. Tap update your kindle which will have the device to restart after updating.

Screen is Dirty ¶ 

Make sure your screen is clean, so the sensors around the edges of your device can sense your touch. Use a microscopic cloth and clean your screen.

Can't Connect to Wifi ¶ 

The device is not able to connect to Wifi, so there is no access to Kindle Store or Kindle Keyboard.

No Internet Connection ¶ 

Check your internet connection on another device. If that device can connect the problem is with your Kindle and not the internet. If that device can't connect try turning your router off and back on.

Wireless Connectivity Turned Off ¶ 

It is possible that your device's wireless connectivity is turned off. In order to turn on the connectivity, tap on the menu button from the homepage. Then select select settings and choose the option for "Turn wireless on".

Forgot Password ¶ 

Lock screen password has been forgotten and tablet cannot be accessed.

Reset Password ¶ 

Enter the wrong password 5 times. By doing so, the device will disable and a message with options to wait 30 seconds, reset password or factory reset device will appear. Choosing reset password will prompt you to enter your Amazon account log in information, then click continue. You will then be prompted to enter a new password and click Finish when u are done.

Reset Device ¶ 

Follow the same instructions as if you were resetting the password, except choose Reset device when the options menu appears. Then, enter your Amazon account log-in information. This option, will grant you access to the device, but any saved information or setting will be deleted.

Can't Connect to Computer ¶ 

The device is not being recognized by the computer.

Try connecting it to a different computer ¶ 

If it works you know the issue is with the computer and not the Kindle. If it doesn't work you know the issue is likely with the cable or the kindle.

Try a different USB cable ¶ 

If that doesn't work the problem is probably with the Kindle. If it does work you know the problem is with the USB cable you have been using.

Change the name of your Kindle ¶ 

If there are any apostrophe's in the name of the Kindle remove them as the computer won't recognize the Kindle otherwise.

Turn off the passcode ¶ 

Go into the settings of your Kindle and turn off the passcode as this can prevent the computer from being able to connect to your Kindle.

My Kindle is not charging ¶ 

Device has run out of power and won't charge.

Try another charger cable and power adapter ¶ 

The solution may be as simple as using a different charging cable. Disconnect your device and replace the charging cable. If the device does not charge, try a different power adapter.

Replace the charging port ¶ 

If the cable and adapter do not correct the issue, replace the charger & micro HDMI input. Open your device and replace this component. There is currently no guide for this model but try this guide for a similar Kindle device: Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Charger & Micro HDMI Input Replacement

Replace the battery ¶ 

If the problem is still not resolved, replace the battery. Open the device, remove the battery and install the new one. Please see this helpful guide: Kindle Fire Battery Replacement

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I just got Kindle Fire 10. Wouldn’t connect to my ATT wireless network. My Kindle Fire 7 was online. I thought maybe I had too many devices online so I turned off the Fire 7 internet connection. PC is online. Now neither Kindle Fire will connect. Ive tried everything, did all the steps over and over. Still getting rejected for my modem’s password on both Kindles. Can anyone help me? Keep in mind, all my other devices are connected. Includes an iPad.

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