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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Amazon Echo Show Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you to diagnose problems with the Amazon Echo Show First Generation, released June 28, 2017. It can be identified by model number MW46WB.

Unresponsive or Flickering Screen Display

The screen does not turn on or displays bars when turned on.

Amazon Echo Show Is Not Charged

If the screen does not turn on, the device might need to be charged. Plug the Power Adapter into an available outlet and connect the Power Adapter to the device.

Bright Screen

Bars might display on the screen if the screen is too bright. To fix this, swipe down on the top of the screen and navigate to Brightness. Lower the screen's brightness by moving the blue bar/white circle closer to the smaller sun symbol, on the left. Disabling Auto Brightness might fix the issue as well.

Dirty Screen

The touch capability of the Echo Show is made possible by the use of infrared LED lights that border the screen. Particles blocking this light may lead to difficulties sensing touch. Use a soft cloth and designated electronic screen cleaner to clean the screen, and make sure there is nothing blocking the screen edges!

Unresponsive Screen After Any Other Repair

If you have reassembled the device after moving the motherboard or the screen, only to find the device turned on but the screen remains blank, it’s possible that the internal power cables have not been properly realigned. Follow the last part of our guide to make sure you connect both parts correctly when reinstalling the screen.

Faulty Motherboard

The Echo Show is a relatively simple device in that it does not contain many components. Through the process of elimination, the parts that are proving faulty may be narrowed down quite simply. If the Echo Show does not turn on after the previous options, it is likely that the motherboard needs to be replaced.

Interference From Foreign Devices

Your Echo Show may be affected by stronger nearby devices, such as a computer or a printer. Move the echo away from these devices and reboot your Echo Show by holding the power button for 30 seconds.

Echo Requires a Restart

Sometimes all a machine needs is a good restart to get it functioning like intended. Unplug your Kindle if it is currently charging and reboot your Kindle by holding the power button on the bottom of the device for 30 seconds.

LED Circuit Board is Faulty

The "touch screen" sensation is created by a grid of infrared LED lights and receptors above the display screen. When your finger breaks the grid at a certain point, a touch is registered in the device. It is possible that the circuit board in charge of this function is faulty, and needs to be replaced.

Distorted Audio

The audio is muffled, hard to hear, or not working.

The Volume Is Down

Sometimes, the audio might be accidentally turned off when the device is first purchased. Swipe down on the top of the screen to access Settings. Click on the Settings icon and scroll down to Sounds. From there, you can adjust your volume level.

Audio Is Distorted

Listening to music or audio on high volume can sometimes cause damage to the speakers. The speakers might need to be replaced if the audio is crackly or makes a popping noise. Follow this guide to learn how to replace broken speakers.

Audio In One Or Both Speakers Isn’t Playing

While unlikely to happen, the cables connecting the speakers to the rest of the device may disconnect internally, leaving you with no audio coming from one or both of them. Follow the first half of this guide to visually confirm the speakers need to be reattached.

Top Buttons Not Working Correctly

The buttons do not respond when pressed.

Buttons Are Stuck

Putting too much pressure on buttons can cause them to become jammed. If the buttons do not respond when pressed, they are stuck and need to be replaced. Use this guide to replace broken buttons.

Device Will Not Charge

The device does not charge when connected to the charging cable.

Faulty Power Adapter

Charging cords might become frayed or loose over time. As a result, the device might not charge. Make sure the charging cable is firmly connected to a power source as well as the Amazon Echo Show. Consider purchasing a new Power Adapter if the Amazon Echo Show refuses to charge.

Faulty Motherboard

If the device does not charge even after the above steps are tested, the motherboard might be the cause. Follow this guide on how to replace the motherboard.

Device Not Connecting to Wireless Internet

The device does not connect to available WiFi networks, even though it is within range.

WiFi is Turned Off

Ensure the device's WiFi is turned on. Swipe down to access Settings. From there, select WiFi. Select a nearby network and tap on it to connect. Some WiFi networks are password protected, so make sure you have the correct password if this is the case.

Faulty Router or Modem

Instances like power outages to too many devices linked to the network can impair the Echo Show's ability with connecting to a nearby WiFi Source. Restart the router or modem by turning the power off. Push the Amazon Echo Show's power button on your device to turn it off. Turn your router and the Amazon Echo back on. If the device still does not connect to WiFi, consider purchasing a new router or modem.

Camera Not Turning On

Broken Camera

If the camera is not working on the Amazon Echo Show, it might need to be replaced. Follow this guide to do so.


Yes, very helpful related on Echo Show. First time when I used my device I was facing problem with Wi-Fi. Then I found solution here.

Mike Aldin - Reply

My show has lines that “reflect” from the overlay. If there are bright words or a cloud on the screen there will be bright lines above or below. The lines move with the graphics across the screen.

kimr55760 - Reply

Where can I get a replacement screen for the echo show?

Tyrone Smith - Reply

I had wiggling horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. I believe it may have been related to the power supply polarity. I plugged the power supply in upside down in the outlet (with the cord end facing up) and the problem when away.

mrawill - Reply

Mine is doing the same thing! I tried this solution, but it didn’t correct the problem. It is about 3-4’ away from my computer at work where it has been sitting for the last 4 months, but it has only been doing this within the last month.

Ashley Lewis -

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