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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Aluratek ADMPF310F Troubleshooting

Nothing happens when I press the buttons in the back of the frame.

Something probably spilled on the buttons causing them to not work and be sticky. You are going to want to replace the buttons.

Your Aluratek ADMPF310F will not display any images.

If you digital frame doesn't display any images you may have to replace your motherboard inside the frame.

I want to display my pictures clearly but I cannot.

Open the Aluratek using the tabs around the outside, disconnect all necessary wires and place and plug in new screen

The charger may not be fully plugged in or working, make sure the cord is fully plugged in. If that does not work find replacement plug

Keeping the picture frame always plugged in may cause the screen to burn out pixels. Replace screen by opening device and unplugging and replacing old one.

None of the functions on my Aluratek remote are working on my Aluratek picture frame

The batteries in the remote may be dead, replace with two new AA batteries

The remote may be old and have dirt lodged in them causing the remote to not send a signal. Use canned air to clean out buttons

The receiver in the Aluratek frame may be damaged or not working, replace by taking off the screen and unclip and sauder new receiver in.

My music won't play on the frame

It is possible for the cables that are inside the device to dislocate and that can cause speakers to give no sound. Make sure your cables are connected by opening the device.

There could be minor dirt and dust build up in your device that causes your speakers to make no sound. Make sure to clean your speakers.

Dropping the device or a hard hit could cause speakers to dislocate from their hole. It is important to use the device gently.

The reason for it could be a settings error. Make sure to go on setting on the device and check the speakers options to see if they are enabled or not.

One Comment

My problem: The pictures show upside down. I can rotate them in the browse mode, but as soon as I go to the slide show mode they reapper upside down. On my computer, the picture files appear the right way without any rotation necessary... how to permanently set the picture frame with the pictures in the right orientation ?


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