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Alcatel PIXI Theatre Troubleshooting

The Alcatel Pixi Theatre was released in August 2016, and runs on Android OS v6.0 (Marshmallow). It's model number is 5098O.

Your phone doesn’t charge when it’s plugged in.

The problem might be with your charger, not your phone. Test this by attempting to charge your phone with a different charger.

Older batteries may no longer hold a charge. You will need to replace your battery, following the Alcatel Pixi Theatre Battery Replacement guide.

Clear the port of any debris, check for damage, and try plugging it in again. If it still doesn’t charge, your charging port may be broken. You can replace it following our Alcatel Pixi Theatre Mini-USB Charging Port Replacement guide.

Your phone displays no connection to network or WiFi, or the connection times out frequently.

Make sure you attempt to connect to your mobile network in a variety of places. If the signal still does not appear, you may have a faulty SIM card. Contact your service provider to acquire a new card. In order to replace the SIM card, follow one of our helpful links on our Device page.

If attempting the SIM card replacement didn’t work after contacting your service provider, then the issue may be the motherboard. You can replace it by following our Alcatel Pixi Theatre Motherboard Replacement guide.

Your phone appears to be working, but the audio output is inconsistent, warped, or fails completely, whether it's from headphones or from the phone's internal speakers.

Distorted audio can be caused by faulty headphones or a bad audio jack connection. Test you headphones with other devices to see if the audio still sounds odd, or try plugging a different set of working headphones into your phone. If the sound is still corrupted or not emitting, it could be due to a dirty/worn out audio jack. For help cleaning your audio jack, check out this link. If the sound is still distorted, the audio jack might need to be replaced altogether. This can be done by contacting a service technician from your service provider.

Distorted audio can be caused by faulty internal speakers. See if the audio sounds normal when emerging through a different device, such as a set of headphones or external speakers. If the sound is still distorted, that's a different problem, but if the sound emerged normally from the headphones but not from the phone's speakers, then the internal speakers are the issue. Follow our[ Alcatel Pixi Theatre Earpiece Speaker Replacement|Speaker Replacement guide] for help.

Your phone isn’t responsive to touch commands, but programs are operating in the background.

See if the display will still respond to physical commands from the power and audio control buttons on the side of the phone; if it responds, then you can lock and unlock your phone to reset it. If physical commands fail to reset the touch screen, attempt to take the battery out and reset the device (refer to our Battery Replacement Guide). If neither of these reset the phone to normal operating conditions, then the touch screen display assembly may be faulty. Our Touch Screen Display Assembly Replacement guide can help you replace it.

If the display after replacement still fails to work, a new motherboard may be necessary. Check out our replacement guide.

Your phone’s screen is unresponsive or stuck on a certain image.

Make sure your phone doesn’t have any updates waiting to be installed. This can be done by accessing the settings menu and selecting the “About phone” tab.

The issue may be that your storage is too full. Access the Settings menu and select the Storage tab. If your memory is full, then you will need to remove excess apps and cached data by selecting the Apps portion in settings and uninstalling the ones that are unnecessary.

See if you can restart the phone by holding down the power button. If that doesn’t work, try taking out the battery and then re-inserting it to test if the phone boots up back to normal (refer to our Battery Replacement Guide). If this does not occur, then a replacement of the touch screen display may be necessary.

If attempting to reset the phone does not work and replacing the touch screen display does not fix the issue, you may need to replace the motherboard by following our Alcatel Pixi Theatre Motherboard replacement guide.

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I need to replace charging port on pixi theatre

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