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Alcatel One Touch Pop 7 Troubleshooting

Released 2014, identified by model number P310A or P310X.

Device is Overheating ¶ 

While using the tablet, the device becomes too hot to use.

Reset the Device ¶ 

To reset the device, hold down the power button until the device turns off. Allow the device time to cool down before attempting to power the tablet back on.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

Overheating can sometimes cause damage to pieces of the motherboard. This can make overheating occur more often until the tablet will not turn on at all. If this happens, the motherboard itself will need to be replaced.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If resetting your device does not work, another cause could be a faulty battery. Unfortunately, the battery in the Alcatel One Touch Pop 7 is non-removable.

Device Won't Charge ¶ 

The tablet will not turn on despite being charged.

Charger is not Connected ¶ 

Its pretty self-explanatory, and it happens to everyone at some point. Make sure the charger is connected to both the electrical outlet and the device.

Perform a Soft Reset ¶ 

If the device will not receive a charge and the charger is plugged in, perform a soft reset by turning the device off by holding the power button for 3-5 seconds. Power the device back on and check to see if it will now charge.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

If you have another device that uses the same charging connection, a micro USB, try connecting the charger to another device that is charging normally. If the second device receives a charge, the problem is with the Alcatel One Touch Pop 7. If not, the charger is the problem.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the charger works for a second device, the problem is likely with the Alcatel One Touch Pop 7. A likely culprit is the battery and unfortunately, the battery in this device is non-removable.

Unresponsive Buttons ¶ 

The tablet will not turn on/change volume when using the device’s buttons.

Buttons are Stuck ¶ 

If the buttons are not moving at all, it is possible that there could be dirt or other things blocking the buttons from moving. To fix this, you must first remove the back of the device using the rubber tools to avoid damaging the device. After the back has been removed, remove the buttons and clean underneath them. Replace the buttons and then snap the back of the tablet back on.

Faulty Buttons ¶ 

If cleaning under the buttons doesn’t work, it is possible that the volume button assembly needs to be replaced.

Unresponsive Display ¶ 

The screen is blacked out or unresponsive to touch.

Device is Powered Off ¶ 

The device could simply be powered off. First attempt to turn on by pressing the power button.

Device is Not Charged ¶ 

The devices’ battery could be too low to produce any type of display. Try connecting device to a charging source, then try to powering on after about 5 minutes.

Faulty Display Panel ¶ 

If the other options didn’t solve the problem, it’s possible that the display panel needs to be replaced.

Faulty Digitizer ¶ 

In addition to the display panel, you may need to replace the digitizer as well.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

If replacing the display panel and digitizer do not solve the problem, the motherboard itself will need to be replaced.

Camera Pictures are Discolored ¶ 

The colors of the pictures taken with the camera come out dull and fuzzy.

Camera Lens is Dirty ¶ 

Take a lens wipe and gently wipe the lens of the camera. Using a lens wipe will clean off the lens without leaving behind any scratches.

Camera Settings Need Adjustments ¶ 

If after cleaning the lens of the camera your images are still dull and fuzzy, this could be an issue in the settings. Go to the settings that is within your camera app and adjust the exposure to neutral as well as turning on the HDR setting.

Faulty Camera ¶ 

Unfortunately, if these options do not work, it sounds like the camera itself needs to be replaced.

Tablet Not Receiving Signal ¶ 

The tablet will not connect to WIFI or cellular signals.

Check WIFI/Data settings ¶ 

Go to the tablet's settings to ensure that it is not in airplane mode. If airplane mode is off, then make sure that the WIFI is on and the network is available.

Confirm WIFI and Data is Working ¶ 

If settings are correct, check with another device (such as your cell phone) that is also connected to the WIFI network and shares the same data plan. If this device is also not connecting, contact your internet/cell phone provider as this is not a problem affecting only the tablet.

Faulty Antenna ¶ 

If the settings are correct and other devices are able to access the WIFI/cellular data, the antenna will need to be replaced.


I have an Alcatel OneTouch Pop7 with T-Mobile and when it dies i start to charge it but then when I want to turn it back on for some reason it starts turning on then when it gets to the T-Mobile pop up it stays there then it won't go back and I can turn it back off but then I try again and same thing happens

fernandoguzman212 - Reply

Tablet went off and on now stuck on opening window what do i do

Francis Kelly - Reply

Mine does the same! It's stuck since yesterday

catherine.michaud99 -

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