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PS3 Wireless Afterglow Controller Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the PS3 Wireless Afterglow Controller.

Malfunctioning Trigger Button ¶ 

Trigger buttons are unresponsive or missing.

Missing Trigger Button ¶ 

Trigger buttons must be replaced entirely for the proper functioning of the controller. Use this guide.

Missing Trigger Spring ¶ 

When buttons feel loose or flimsy, the spring component of the button may be broken. In this case the spring would need to be replaced.

Joystick is Unresponsive ¶ 

Joystick is broken or the controller guides itself during game play.

Joystick Snapped in Half ¶ 

The entire controller must be taken apart. Replace the entire joystick with a new one. Use this guide to replace it.

Joystick Stuck in Wrong Position ¶ 

Dirt on the joystick maybe causing the controller to do so. The controller should be taken apart and cleaned with alcohol and coated with fresh lube after cleaning.

Broken Control Stick ¶ 

If problems persists, control stick spring is probably broken.

Low Battery Life ¶ 

Either the controller is not charging or the battery is not lasting the usual 24 hour life.

PlayStation Not Properly Synced ¶ 

Try to connect controller directly to console and press the PlayStation button on controller to sync with system, sometimes this fixes the problem.

Battery Inside the Controller is Broken ¶ 

If none of the previous solutions work; the battery that holds power for the controller after being disconnected from the PlayStation might need replacing.

Mini USB Port Not Connecting ¶ 

The mini USB port is broken and preventing proper function of the controller.

The Filaments Inside the Mini USB Port are Mangled ¶ 

For this problem, the whole mini USB port would need to be replaced.

The Cable from USB Port Got Detached ¶ 

Take controller apart and re-attach the cable.

Cut Cable ¶ 

Re-attach or replace the cable that connects the mini USB port to the rest of the controller.

Vibration Motors Do Not Function ¶ 

The controller does not vibrate when it should during game play.

Controller Not Vibrating ¶ 

Make sure that the vibration feature is on and that the game is capable of using the vibration feature.

Resetting the PlayStation ¶ 

Reset the entire PlayStation system by holding the reset button down.

Replace Vibration Motors ¶ 

If all previous solutions fail, your vibration motors need to be replaced. Use this guide to do so.


My remote was woeking fine then 1hour later wenr back on remote was of pressed home button and nothing happened so instantly i thought oh yeah its flat put it on charge over night. Came tk check on it in morning nothing not blue light and no response when i clicked home button. Someone please help this is my favourite remoye i own for ps3 or shoild i just buy a new one thankyou someone

Matt lokan - Reply

I think you need to buy a dictionary instead.

Emma -

Can hair mess with a joystick causing it to go right instead of left on a ps3 afterglow controller. Someone help.

BLUEJAY 854 - Reply

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