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Acer Chromebook CB5-312T-K 8Z9 Troubleshooting

You have trouble getting the touchscreen to work

Ensure that the glass is clean and dry, as this can interfere with the touch sensor. Simply wipe down the display with a clean rag or paper towel to remove any debris from it.

Sometimes performing a hard reset on your chromebook will fix many issues that cannot be fixed by a normal restart. To do this, first turn the device off. Next, press the refresh button and the power button at the same time. If the problem isn’t fixed, check for updates from google for your chromebook’s operating system. If there are none, or if the problem still isn’t fixed, then a factory reset might be necessary. Make sure all of your files are backed up to the cloud, then go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Powerwash. This will delete all of your personal data and settings on the device, making it just like when you bought it from the store. If this doesn't fix the problem, it's likely that it’s an issue with hardware, which can only be fixed with a screen replacement.

You have trouble listening to sounds on your computer.

Make sure you don’t have the volume muted or have low volume settings. If you have muted your laptop simply press the mute button to unmute it. Click the volume icon in the system tray(bottom right) to turn up/down the volume.

Clearing the cache can resolve some audio issues. Click on settings> tools>clear browsing data. Make sure only empty the cache is selected and specify that you want to clear information from the beginning of time.

Turn off your chromebook and then turn it back on. At the login select browse as a guest. This allows you to run the chromebook without any special settings. If it works then there is some broken setting in your normal login. To fix this reset your chromebook.

You have trouble getting your laptop to stay in the tent mode or getting the screen to stay at a 90 degree angle.

Most of the time the hinge on a computer is made out of plastic and is prone the cracking. Fold the laptop screen in all different directions and examine every angle of the hinge casing to ensure that there are no crack on it. This will either eliminate the possibility of replacing the hinge, or it will tell you that you need to replace your hinge to get it to stay in all positions again.

The hinge connects to the computer with two hinges, one on each side of the computer. Since this laptop can perform tent mode and turn into a tablet, a lot of stress is put on these hinges. Check these hinges and pull out each screw if possible. Check and see if any of the screws are loose and tighten them back up if possible.

You have trouble powering on your laptop

Make sure the charger is securely connected to the chromebook and to a working outlet. If there is no charge, the charger may be malfunctioning and you could need a new one.

There may be dirt and dust in the charging port. Use compressed air to clean the port.

If the chromebook works fine when it is plugged in but turns off when it is unplugged, then it is the battery. Also, if the other troubleshooting techniques did not work, then you may need to replace the battery itself.

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