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Acer Chromebook C720-2420 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help identify and resolve problems with the Acer Chromebook C720-2420. For troubleshooting issues remember to maintain the Chromebook turned off at all times.

Whenever the laptop overheats (around the fan exhaust area) it randomly shuts down and stops working overall.

Computers tend to overheat due to build up of material in front of the metal heat sink grill. To fix this problem, carefully clean the fan with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or use a compressed air duster to blow the dust off the vents and fan.

(We will insert a fan replacement guide in here)

A possible cause for this issue are uneven surfaces which obstruct your laptop’s airflow, causing heat to build up and eventually overheating it. This problem is easily avoidable by keeping the laptop in a flat surface or by investing on a cooling pad/elevating the laptop.

The chromebook can fail to recognize the battery or possibly needs to have the battery replaced. There could also be issues with the charger.

Warning: for each step make sure the chromebook is absolutely turned off.

The charger could possibly be damaged and fail to charge the battery. Or the power outlet itself can be damaged and fail to the charge the battery.

Occasionally the battery is not sitting properly in it’s socket, in that case it’s best to take it out and properly reinsert it.

There is also the chance that it’s a faulty, in that case you’re going to have to replace it.

Camera not working? Try these possible solutions.

There is a chance that the camera is not turned on. Also try open opening it with another app like Hangouts.

Sometimes dirt can get on the webcam. Try cleaning it gently with a lens cleaning cloth.

Caution: Make sure everything is backed up before you do this.

This resets the laptop back to its original state before any issues came up.

For full steps use the google support website:

The laptop is not recognizing devices that are connected through the USB port.

Sometimes the USB port can get dust and other debris inside the port from your case or the backpack. With too much debris in the port, it can block the connectors between the USBs and cause it to not recognize the device that you are trying to connect.

The usb port can occasionally accumulate dust or lint and it prevents it from working properly.

Here’s a website that demonstrates how to safely clean your port:

Sometimes, the current firmware that is installed in your Acer has bugs that can result to the computer not being able to recognize the USB scanner.

Check for updates. If there are available updates restart the computer and allow for updates to take place.

The keys are unresponsive /damaged

With everyday use of the laptop, it's inevitable that you might encounter crumbs and different debris underneath the keyboard. Cleaning it would be a great start to fixing a dirty keyboard underneath.

What makes the buttons on the chromebook are the small sensitive sensors underneath the keys. Through frequent use the sensors could get damaged and need to be adjusted or replaced.

When browsing through the internet you will sometimes be vulnerable to acquiring a virus or some other kind of malware. Sometimes these viruses target specific parts of your computer, such as your keyboard. If you can’t remove the virus you might have to factory reset it.


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