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Acer Chromebook C710-2856 Troubleshooting

Small Laptop with 11.5" screen designed for compact efficiency

Files Open and Move Slowly ¶ 

The computer is opening and running files slowly

Fragmented Hard Drive ¶ 

On Windows, open the Disk Manager utility by opening Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management and the utility will open. From here, click on the Defragment option.

Worn Out Hard Drive ¶ 

If the computer is not able to boot into your OS and is stuck on the BIOS screen, the hard drive might have worn out from usage over time. Turn off the computer and expose the hard drive, then power on the laptop and feel for vibrations in the drive. If there are none, it needs to be replaced.

Laptop Won't Hold a Charge ¶ 

Your computer is always on low battery and needs more juice!

Faulty Power Adapter ¶ 

Ensure the power adapter is plugged in and the charge light is on. If the light is not on, and the adapter is plugged in, the adapter is faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement adapter.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the light on the adapter is on, make sure the adapter is connected to the laptop. If the laptop only powers up when the adapter is connected, regardless of charging time, then the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Computer Won't Boot Completely ¶ 

Your computer crashes when you try to boot it up

Defective Motherboard ¶ 

If replacing the battery as well as the power adapter does not allow the computer to boot, the motherboard is likely the problem and will need to be replaced.

Broken Operating System ¶ 

Sometimes the software responsible for the basic operation of the computer encounters glitches or problems that prevent it from running properly and doesn't allow the computer to boot. This can be fixed by performing a clean installation of your operating system.

Computer Applications Fail or Run Slowly ¶ 

Your computer can't run programs, or when it does they hardly move!

Faulty RAM ¶ 

If the computer is capable of running just fine as soon as you boot it, but performance gradually degrades over time, the problem is likely a RAM issue and it will need to be replaced.

Malware Sapping Resources ¶ 

Sometimes computers can be infected by malware which will sap operating resources away from programs that you as the user may be trying to run. By running an antivirus scan you may be able to find and eliminate these malware programs and speed things back up.

Can’t Connect to Internet ¶ 

Computer fails to connect to the internet even though access points are nearby

Buggy Router ¶ 

Often times modems and routers have random bugs and quirks that cause them to not function properly, which is easily fixed by a quick reset of these devices. Simply unplug the power supply cable from the modem/router and wait several seconds before plugging it back in. If you still can't connect, the problem could be the Wi-Fi Controller.

Faulty Wi-Fi Controller ¶ 

Since Chromebooks do not have ethernet ports, use a USB to Ethernet adapter to plug the computer directly to the modem. If you are able to connect fine via ethernet, the Wi-Fi Controller might be the problem and may need to be replaced.

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