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Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-531-C4A5 Troubleshooting

Released November 2015. Identified by model number CB3-531-C4A5.

The laptop does not respond or shows sign of responding when the power button is pressed.

Make sure that the power adapter’s jack is not broken or loose and is fully plugged into the laptop and wall outlet. If the charging light is not on, the power adapter may be faulty. Consider buying a replacement power adapter.

When plugging in the power adapter, make sure it fits in easily. If there is a lot of movement, the charge jack may be bad and needs to be replaced. Replace it with this guide.

If the laptop only powers on when the power adapter is fully plugged in and the charge light is on, regardless of how long the laptop has been charged, you may have a faulty battery. Replace the battery with this guide.

The laptop won’t load the Operating System when trying to boot the laptop or the laptop experiences a blue screen before shutting down while in use.

A hard drive error may occur when the user shuts down the laptop using the power button, holding onto the power button until it shuts down, instead of using the shutdown sequence of the operating system. To resolve this issue, use a recovery disk or drive and boot it to a previous state before the system failure. If this does not work, you may need to replace your hard drive. Replace your hard drive with this guide.

If you had recently re-installed ChromeOS or repaired it, but are still receiving errors from the operating system and not third party software then it is possibly you have a bad SSD. If it is not a software issue then you will need to replace your SSD card. Follow this guide on how to replace your SSD Card.

Most commonly this is something that can be repaired by running a ChromeOS repair. If this does not fix the problem, or if when trying to run a ChromeOS repair you cannot find your drive then it usually means you are going to need to replace the SSD as it has completely failed. Follow this guide on how to replace an SSD card.

The monitor on the laptop does not show anything when you know your laptop is turned on, or you experience your screen flickering/having one or multiple lines running across the screen.

If the screen looks like it has no light/low light and you can see parts of the screen under a flashlight your screen may be broken.

If the screen has noticeable damage or does not turn on after powering on the laptop, your screen may be broken. Repair the screen using this guide.

Dead pixels are fortunately very common and can vary from different colors of pixels. If you see any dots of light or some color that appear to be stuck on the screen then use this guide to fix the problem.

This problem is usually because of a bad inverter or display issue if the problem is temporarily solved by closing or opening the display in certain angles. If this fixes the problem momentarily then the problem is most likely caused by a loose cable. Follow the steps given to fix a loose cable.

If there are any visible cracks on the screen then the screen will need to be replaced. The easiest way is to purchase an entire top bezel and then to replace the screen. Refer to our guide on how to replace a screen.

The keys on your keyboard are not responding, sticky or are missing.

If the entire keyboard fails to respond you may need to replace the keyboard. Replace the keyboard using this guide.

If some of the keys can not be pressed, there maybe something physically stuck underneath the keys. Remove the keys and clean the area then replace the keys and try again.

If some of the keys are pressed and they remain depressed, the area under the key may not be clean. Repeat the process mentioned above.

If some of the keys are missing from your keyboard, replace them using this guide.


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