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Acer Chromebook 15 C910-C453 Troubleshooting

The Acer Chromebook 15 C910-C453 was released in January 2015, and can be identified by the part number: NX.EF3AA.003

The trackpad is not responding to my touch.

Hardware Issue is Causing the Trackpad to Not Work

To test that the trackpad itself is not at fault:

Make sure there is no dust or dirt on the touchpad. If this doesn't work, drumroll your fingers on the touchpad for ten seconds to make sure any potential interferences with connection of the trackpad (like dirt) are gone.

Software Issue is Causing the Trackpad to Not Work

Take the following steps in order until one of them solves the issue:

Touch the Esc key several times. Turn your Chromebook off, then back on again. If these do not work, you might need to perform a hard reset.

Trackpad Works for Some Accounts but Not Others

If you have more than one account on your Chromebook, delete the account that has problems with the touchpad, then re-add the account.

Faulty Trackpad

If there are continual problems with your trackpad that the above steps do not help, your trackpad may be at fault. Follow the Trackpad Replacement Guide to replace your trackpad.

My chromebook won't turn on even though I charged it overnight.

Computer Needs a Reboot

If the computer will not begin to boot, a hard reset may be needed to get the computer back up and running. A hard reset will not delete any files nor act like a Restore. To do this: Turn the Chromebook off, hold down the Refresh button (circular arrow at top of the keyboard) and the Power button simultaneously for about 5 seconds. Release the buttons and the computer should restart.

Computer Won't Charge

The battery or charger may be the problem. See the below "Chromebook Battery Won't Charge" section to see troubleshooting steps for this issue. If this does not work, continue to the "Hard Drive Issue" subsection.

When I plug the charger into the Chromebook, it doesn't charge the battery.

The Charger is Broken

If you have access to another Chromebook charger, plug it into your laptop. If your Chromebook charges, then your charger is broken and you must replace it. If your Chromebook still doesn't charge, the battery is most likely the issue. An important note, however, is to be sure to try both chargers from different wall sockets, because the true issue could be with where you're charging it from!

The Chromebook Battery is Bad

If the above steps do not work, your battery may be faulty, and needs to be replaced. Follow the steps in the Battery Replacement Guide.

Hard Drive Issue is Preventing Charging

If your Chromebook still doesn't charge, perform a hard reset. If this doesn't fix it, you may need to replace the hard drive.

Screen is frozen and computer won't respond or turn off.

Running Program is Causing the Freeze

The program that is running on your Chromebook may be causing it to slow down and display a frozen screen. Close the program by force quitting or by pressing the escape button.

Software Issue is Causing the Freeze

If the computer is frozen and will not follow any commands or turn off, you may need to perform a hard reset in order to restore your computer. To do this, simply press and hold the refresh button (circular arrow button at top of the keyboard) and the power button for about 5 seconds, or until the computer begins to reset. If this does not work, unplug your computer from the charger and allow the battery to die. After about three hours, reconnect it to the charger and turn the computer on.

Hardware Issue is Causing the Freeze

If there is anything plugged into your laptop through the charging port, USB, or audio jack, unplug it temporarily, as this may be the cause of your frozen screen. Once your screen goes back to normal, you can plug your hardware back in.

The screen displays "OS system is damaged or missing."

Battery Issue is Causing Error Message to Appear

If the Chromebook dies after this error occurs, plug into charger and allow the dead battery to fully recharge overnight before attempting to restart.

The Operating System is Not Working Properly

If turning your Chromebook off and on again doesn't work, you may need to recover your Chromebook. Note that recovery permanently erases everything on your Chromebook's hard drive, including your downloaded files, so be sure to back up your files before performing a recover. Follow these steps to recover your Chromebook.


My Acer chromebook 15 wont turn on , the charger is plugged in but the light don’t turn on. I know the charger works cause it charges other chromebooks but not mine . I tried the power and the restart button trick but it doesn’t work

Daileni - Reply

When the keyboard and touchpad are not responsive, for who knows how long, try plugging a memory card or drive, or phone, or camera, or whatever, into an appropriate USB port or SDcard slot - mine did some visual grumbles and was back to working immediately. Out of caution, I did do a shutdown and restart as soon as I confirmed I wasn’t losing anything.

Alan Winston - Reply

I tried to hard reboot my laptop but the light that shows that it's on only turns on for a second and turns off like it does when I try to turn it on normally I need help. the light that shows the battery is charging works fine

ErickNavarrete - Reply

I was listening to some jams with a browser open and I walked away. Came back to a black screen that won’t show anything even tho the light on the side shows it’s on and I’ve tried turning up the brightness and restarting but won’t even light up. Also a short fragment of a song is stuck on repeat on my laptop so it just keeps playing that little part over and over. Please help….I thought letting the battery die out and then recharging would work since it worked fairly well last time, but the battery won’t seem to die now! Seriously it’s been hours.

Donaban fischer - Reply

once something kinda like this happened to me, I was watching YouTube and I closed my laptop for a bit. When I came back and opened it up audio started but the screen stayed black. I fixed it by holding the button to turn down the screen brightness for a bit, then turning the screen brightness back up and the video faded back. I'm not sure if this will work for your situation but ihope it does.

Austin Fornier -

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