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Acer Aspire V5-122P-0889 Troubleshooting

The Acer Aspire V5-122P-0889 was released by Acer as a budget friendly laptop that runs Windows 8.1 .

The laptop is not powering on when the power button is pressed.

When the power button is pressed, it does not respond. If this happens, plug the laptop in to ensure that the battery is not dead. You can tell this by the light next to the charging port. If the light is on and the battery is charging, the power button may be stuck or broken. If this happens, the button may need to be removed and reseated.

If the power button is pressed and the laptop will not turn on, try plugging it in to see if it has a charge. If plugging it in doesn't work, the battery, charger, or charging port may be broken on the laptop.

Laptop batteries are made to hold a charge for a long period of time, if you start to see your battery dying quickly when not plugged in and it is not holding a charge, the battery may be faulty. If this is the case, try keeping it plugged in and see if the battery will charge to 100%, and then letting it run with a light load to see how long it runs. If it does not run as long as it used to, you may need to replace your battery.

The laptop is plugged in, but the laptop will not turn on. After waiting a couple of minutes of the laptop being plugged in, and there is still no charge, if you can, try a different charger to ensure that it is the current charger that is causing issues.

The screen is black and is completely blank.

Most computers are durable, but if dropped from a high enough elevation, the screen could get broken and turn black. Check to see if your computer is able to be powered on, and try doing things as if the screen was working, such as signing into your computer. If you can confirm that other components are working normally, you will need to replace your screen.

Computers are equipped with fans so they do not overheat, but if the fan is not able to properly cool down the computer it could overheat and shut the whole laptop down. This may cause the screen go blank.

Most computers have different modes that can be used to conserve energy, and if you have the laptop on energy conservation mode, the screen can appear to be blank when it is really just in sleep mode. Try pressing the power button or keys on the keyboard to see if you are able to wake the computer.

The keyboard does not type any letters when the buttons are pressed.

A laptop keyboard is essential to typing. If you are unable to properly use your keyboard, it is possible that it is faulty or has a faulty component. If this happens you should replace it with a new one.

Keyboard keys are made to be flexible to use however if you face a stuck key it may be from the laptop being dirty from the interior that needs to be carefully cleaned. It may also be a result of a heavy weight that was applied on it which caused it to be stuck in that case you may have to change that particular key to a new one, or try to reseat it.

The screen on the laptop is completely blue, with text saying that an error occurred.

When new software such as a hardware driver is installed and the screen turns blue, there may have been an issue with the installation, or the new driver interferes with a current one. To stop the blue screen from appearing, either uninstall the driver or restore the system to an earlier date.

Hardware problems, such as faulty RAM or a failing motherboard may also cause the so called blue screen of death. If you have recently added new hardware, try replacing it with a part that you know works to see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise, you may have to test components one by one to find the faulty part.

You see a black screen displaying an operating system error such as “bootable media not found”, or “bootmgr is missing”

If your computer cannot load Windows, then there is a chance that it could be due to a corrupted install of the operating system. To try and fix this issue, you can try and boot off of a Windows installation or rescue disk to try and repair your operating system installation. If you are still unable to get your system running after using Windows repair tools, then you should use the disk to reinstall Windows to get everything running again.

If methods of troubleshooting the installation of Windows fail to fix the issue, it could be due to a faulty hard drive. To help identify if this is your issue, you can try and run chkdsk on the hard drive that windows is installed on to see if there is corruption or errors on the hard drive. You could also utilize a diagnostic tool from the company that makes your hard drive to identify issues. After identifying issues with your hard drive, it is probably best to replace it with a new, functional hard drive.

The touchpad does not respond to proper input

Your touchpad might just be turned off and you only need to turn it back on from the settings in order for it to work again.

If your touchpad shows signs of physical damage, you may have to replace it with a new one.

You see various artifacts on your monitor, such as distorted images, colors, and shapes.

One of the possible causes of distortions or artifacts on your screen is a problematic graphics driver. To identify and resolve this issue, uninstall the current driver and then install the newest version offered by the manufacturer.

Another possibility is that your screen is broken. Inspect your laptop’s screen and see if there are any cracks or evidence of physical damage. If the screen is damaged, you will need to replace it.

It is also possible that you have a defective motherboard causing this issue, due to the graphics on this laptop being on-board. This is especially likely if the previous two issues were not identified. If your motherboard is defective, you will need to replace it.

The laptop screen freezes and does not load when on the Internet or on a downloaded program.

One possible cause of a slow laptop that may or may not freeze frequently, is a faulty hard drive. To confirm that this is the issue, you can run chkdsk on your hard drive or use a hard drive diagnostic tool from your hard drive manufacturer. If the hard drive is faulty it will need to be replaced.

A virus is another possible cause of a slow laptop with or without freezing. To identify and resolve this issue, boot into safe mode and utilize any antivirus software you may have. If you do not have an antivirus software, you will have to obtain some.


if in case the battery needs to be replaced where i can buy a new one?

If the battery does not charge anymore can i still use my laptop while plugged in?

hope to see an aswer..

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My experience has been...go buy a new computer. Or tablet is my preference.

By wasting time and money on parts and week something else goes wrong. Ungodly sad but so.

Take out your Harddrive and destroy unless you have personal or business info you haven't saved to a cloud agent or exterior drive.

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