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Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 AO1‑431‑C8G8 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help identify problems with the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14

There is little or no sound when attempting to play audio through the computer speakers.

First you must test the audio through the headphone jack. If the sound is still distorted through the headphone jack, see next section on a driver error. If the audio is clear through headphones, then it is not a software issue and is only caused by the speakers themselves. Follow this guide (link to speaker repair guide) to replace your computer speakers.

If the audio is distorted through the computer speakers and the headphone jack, the audio drivers will likely need to be updated. To do this, search for Acer Aspire Cloudbook 14 Audio Drivers. Navigate to Acer’s website and enter your serial number, SNID, model number or select your device from the dropdown menu. Select Driver from the menu and select the download from the Audio Driver section. Next, navigate to Device Manager in settings on your computer. Select Audio inputs and outputs and open Speakers. Select the driver tab, click update driver, and navigate to the driver you previously downloaded. After this process is complete, restart your computer.

The display will not turn on or produce any images when powering on your device.

First, you may want to check if your computer is set to a different display mode that would cause the screen to remain black. To do this, press the windows key and P key twice to switch in between project mode. If this does not work, the display is in the correct mode and the screen is faulty. Refer to the next section.

If the above commands did not work, you will need to replace the display. Simply follow

the repair guide to replacing the screen on your Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 here. (link to repair guide)

The Acer laptop does not recognize anything that you plug into it.

Before you begin to take apart your laptop, turn it off and back on. This will restart everything running on the laptop. After that, check if your USB port is responsive again.

If you have restarted your computer and the USB port is still unresponsive. Try to connect a different device. The issue may lie with the device you are trying to connect. If that is the case, look into replacing the USB wire you are using.

Your USB port may have come loose or burnt out. You might have to open the back of the laptop and replace the USB port manually using this guide.

The Acer laptop’s battery discharges quickly.

Before taking out and ordering a new battery, check to see if the battery is securely connected to the motherboard and charging port. Check out this guide for taking apart the laptop.

If the laptop functions fine with the charger cable plugged in, the issue may lie with the laptop’s battery. Check out this guide to find out how to replace the Acer laptop’s battery.

The touchpad will not respond at all.

Make sure that the touchpad is not locked (FN+F7). If still not working then check to see that the driver is up to date.

Driver is updated and touchpad is not locked but still does not work. Next step is to replace the touchpad.


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