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Acer Aspire One 532h-2806 Troubleshooting

Blank screen ¶ 

After starting up the netbook, a blank,black screen appears and won't go away.

BIOS not updated ¶ 

Most customers who have experienced a black, blank screen upon powering on the computer seem to have success in fixing this problem by updating the BIOS. To do this, go to the Acer support page and extract the latest BIOS onto a USB drive. With the AC adapter and the USB plugged into the netbook, press and hold down the Fn and Esc keys at the same time, along with the power button. Release the buttons when the power light turns on. The new BIOS set up may take several minutes. For more detailed instructions, click here.

Follow this guide here, to learn how to remove and replace the screen.

Loose Inverter ¶ 

Squeeze both corners of the screen below the display screen. This should push it back into place, and the screen's image should appear.

Graphics Card or Screen is broken ¶ 

Connect the computer to an external monitor (as shown in this video If an image shows on the other monitor, the Acer's screen is no longer working and needs to be replaced. If nothing shows up on the external monitor, the graphics card of the Acer is failing and the whole motherboard needs to be replaced (because the graphics card is integrated into the motherboard).

Fails to Power On ¶ 

My netbook won't boot up.

BIOS not updated ¶ 

The most common solution to this problem is the same solution for fixing the blank screen upon starting up the computer: extracting the BIOS from the Acer support page onto a USB drive. Along with the previously mentioned page of more detailed instructions, another set of instructions for using this method to boot up the computer is found here.

Audio distortion ¶ 

The sound coming from the speakers is fuzzy.

Faulty Sound Device ¶ 

You may need to delete the "sound device" from the control panel and restart the computer. When the computer detects the device, try to reinstall it. You may need to restart the computer to be able to detect the device. If this doesn't work, try installing the audio driver from the Acer support page.

Fails to charge completely ¶ 

Battery only charges to a certain percentage

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the battery dies quickly and will not hold a charge, it may need to be replaced. New computer batteries can be bought online or in most computer stores. To learn how to replace the battery, click here.

Software Issue ¶ 

If the battery will only charge to a certain percentage, then it may be a software issue. First, try to remove the battery and reboot the computer. If that does not work, try updating the software of your computer.

Won't connect to wireless network ¶ 

My wireless connection is slow, or won't connect at all.

Wireless Adapter Disconnect ¶ 

Try to reconnect the wireless adapter through the control panel. You can access the control panel through the Start menu. From the control panel, click "View Network Status and Tasks." Right-click "Wireless Network Connection" and click "Disable." You can then right-click "Wireless Network Connection" again and click "Enable" to reset the wireless adapter. These steps are also available here.


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