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ASUS U57A-BBL4 Troubleshooting

Your ASUS U57A-BBL4 does not show any sign of activity on the screen.

Your laptop needs good ventilation to avoid overheating. You can make sure this by checking the holes are not blocked from which hot air coming out. You could use a laptop cooling pad to drain out excess heat.

A hardware component can lead to a crash if it is starting to fail. Also, if you have recently updated your hardware drivers, the new drivers might have brought a problem with them in form of a bug.

You can play some audio to make sure that the computer is working fine and it’s just the display which needs some attention. You can now check for video drivers and update them to the latest version available.

Your ASUS U57A-BBL4 will not run any program quickly after you log in to the Windows

You can try to change the setting of startup programs. For this you could Press Ctrl+Alt+Del which would open a list of options. From that list select Task Manager>Startup. Now, close all the unnecessary programs that start automatically when you start Windows.

To increase the storage space on your Boot drive defragment the hard drive by going to Start menu>Defragment and Optimize Drives

Get a good antivirus software (McAfee, Norton, etc.) and have a complete scan of C drive and other drives to fix or get rid of viruses.

"If none of the above works you may reinstall the OS after getting your necessary files into some secondary storage. Also, you may want to clean the internals of your laptop."

Your ASUS U57A-BBL4 will not charge when plugged in

Going into the device manager, under the battery tab update all drivers associated and reboot your laptop. Additionally if this is not successful, uninstall the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and reinstall, then reboot your laptop to see results.

Remove the battery from the laptop and plug in your adaptor if the computer does not turn on, the charging cord is likely broken and needs to be replaced. You can follow the instructions here to replace the battery.

Using the same method remove the battery from the laptop and plug in your adaptor if the computer turns on, the battery is likely faulty and needs to be replaced.

Your ASUS U57A-BBL4 is overheating

Overtime your fan can build up a lot of dust which can contribute heavily towards constant overheating in your computer. Make sure your laptop is turned off, turn your laptop over, remove the cover and proceed to brush and clean dust out of laptop, additionally one can use compressed air to blow out dust from fan.

Thermal paste is used to help keep the processor cool, turning your laptop over locate the heat sink and processor, remove old thermal paste before applying new thermal paste, make sure to not get any dust or fingerprints onto processor. See our full guide to replacing thermal paste for in depth explanation by clicking here

Keeping your laptop off of flat surfaces will allow the cooling system the air it needs to breathe, in addition adding a cooling pad to blow cool air into the laptop.

Your ASUS U57A-BBL4 will not read CD's or DVD's

A common cause that your laptop won't read the discs is because the optical drive or disc needs to be cleaned. You can clean a disk by spraying a small amount of glass cleaner on the dis and wiping straight (instead of in circles) to dry the disc. To clean the optical drive, you can gently vacuum the inside of the slot where the disc goes. You can also use compressed air to blow out the dust and get in hard to reach places where it might be dirty. Just be careful doing this to not ruin the components of the optical drive.

Visit the Window's manufacturers site often to download the most recent version of firmware for your drive. Simply run the installer to download the updated version of your drive.


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