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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Laptop not turning on ¶ 

No display on laptop, power buttons not turning on, lights are not turning on.

Computer off ¶ 

If Laptop is not showing any display and seems to be off, try turning it on by pressing the power button. By pressing the power, we can diagnose if laptop is off or has a different issue. If laptop turns on, it could be in sleep mode or powered off.

Laptop needs a reboot ¶ 

If laptop is not showing any display, press the power button. If laptop does not turn on, hold the power button and do not let go until laptop turns back on. Laptop may need to have a reset or a reboot. By holding the power off button, you are restarting the device. If device turns on it should have a display, and your device needed to reset or needed to be powered on. If that does not work you may have a different issue with the laptop.

Battery not charged ¶ 

If laptop is not turning on and has no display or power, the laptop may have a dead battery. An easy solution to fix this problem is to plug the power cable in and allow the battery to charge a few minutes then press the power button in order to power on the laptop. If laptop turns on, then the battery is dead and needs to be charged. If laptop is still not powering on, either the battery needs to be replaced or there is a different problem.

Sticky power key ¶ 

If you keep pressing the power button and the laptop won't turn on and you tried the above steps, you may have a bad power button key. They power key could be jammed and not working, could have power loss somewhere, or a bad connection. When you press the power button, you should hear an audible click and feel the button engaging. If you don't, the button needs to be replaced. By replacing the power button key and connection you may be able to fix the problem. If not there may be a different problem with the laptop

Bad power cable ¶ 

If the laptop is dead with the power cable plugged in and the battery charging, then the power cord could be the problem. Buying a new power cord could fix the problem. Plug the new cable cord in and see if laptop turns on. If laptop turns on, then the power cable was the problem for the laptop not turning on. If laptop is still not turning on, there may be a different cause for laptop not turning on. (Charging Port Replacement Guide)

Battery overheating ¶ 

If laptop keeps turning off or not turning on one of the biggest reasons for this is overheating is a result of too much dirt and dust inside the device. NOTE: You will usually get a warning that the laptop is overheating. Only in rare cases will the laptop not turn on at all. By taking apart the back panel and getting inside you are able to dust off all the dirt and dust. This will allow the laptop to be clean inside. This could be one of the causes for laptop not turning on. The cooling system in a laptop sucks in a lot of dirt and dust cleaning out will increase the performance.

Bad battery ¶ 

If your laptop has has not been used or turned on in a while and you try to turn it on but end up with a black display, you most likely have a dead battery. Replace the battery with a new one and see if that will turn on the laptop. ( Battery Replacement Guide)

Frequent Overheating ¶ 

Laptop is not being cooled, constantly overheating, shutting down, no display, short battery life, fan not turning on

Too much dust on the inside ¶ 

If laptop keeps giving you battery heat warnings and turning off, one of the biggest reasons for this is overheating is a result of too much dirt and dust inside the device. By taking apart the back panel and getting inside you are able to dust off all the dirt and dust. This will allow the laptop to be clean inside. This could be one of the causes for laptop not turning on. The cooling system in a laptop sucks in a lot of dirt and dust cleaning out will increase the performance.

Motherboard failing to get fan to work ¶ 

A rare issue for the fan not working and laptop overheating is the capacitors on the motherboard need to be replaced and not enough power is distributed to the fan to make it work and cool down. To determine if the fan is working, hold your hand next to the vent on the back of the laptop while it is on, you should feel a slight breeze and hear a faint "whir" of the fan working. If you don't notice either of these, this means the fan is not working. If you have exhausted all other options and this seems to be the issue, you will have to replace the motherboard. (Fan Replacement Guide)

Sound is not working ¶ 

The computer does not produce clear sound.

Windows update error. ¶ 

When updating windows in an ASUS K50IJ, the audio may be negatively affected. This would be a software issue and not an issue with the physical computer. Try right-clicking on the audio icon in the bottom left corner of your desktop screen. Then click the troubleshooting button. If your audio problem is a software issue, this will let you know and may even solve the issue.

Unable to read discs ¶ 

If the ASUS K50IJ fails to produce sound only while trying to play a disc, there may be a disc reading issue. This could be one of two things. Either the disc is too damaged to be read or the disc reader may be broken. Either way, the audio would only malfunction while trying to read a disc. If this is the case, try to play several discs. If some discs work and others do not, it is just an issue with the disc itself. If all discs do not work It is possible that the issue falls within the disc reader.

Speaker is blown out ¶ 

If the audio jack still works, but the speaker within the ASUS K50IJ does not; there may be an issue with the physical speaker. If the speaker is broken, follow our replacement guide.

Broken audio jack ¶ 

If your ASUS K50IJ produces audio through the speaker, but not through the audio jack; there may be an issue with the jack itself. If this is the case you may need to check the wired connections or replace the whole jack. (Speaker Replacement Guide)

Typing on keyboard but letters are not showing up ¶ 

If certain keys if not all keys on keyboard are stuck or simply don’t produce any output on your laptop when pressed. Keys produce different characters than the one that is desired

One or more letter keys are not working or giving a different letter than the one desired ¶ 

If you come to find one or many different keys are not working when being pressed try using an external keyboard if you have one to plug into your laptop and see if the keys now work properly with the separate keyboard. If they do, you’re probably dealing with an issue with the driver (outdated) or possibly your keyboard has acquired dirt, lint, hair, or spills have taken place.

Dirt, lint, dust, hair, etc. causing keys to not work ¶ 

If your driver is up to date but keyboard is still use screwdriver to lift each key that is not responding and check underneath for any substance that could be interfering with the keys connection to the metal piece underneath. Once you confirm things look normal, restart your device and check if keys are now working.

Driver is either missing or corrupt ¶ 

Once you make sure that your keyboard has not acquired any dirt, lint, or hair but is still not working uninstall the keyboard driver by clicking on the “Start button, then right-click on “computer” and select “manage” to open your computer management window. After this select “Device manager” from the pane to the left. Expand the keyboards section, right-click on the desired keyboard you wish to repair and choose “Uninstall.” After this is completed click the “Start” button and select “restart.” When your computer reboots Windows will detect your keyboard and install the driver.

Screen won’t turn on ¶ 

The K50IJ appears to be on, but the screen remains black/dark

Bad driver of the graphics card ¶ 

If startup image appears then display goes black after entering the desktop, this may be caused by a faulty driver of the graphics card. Enter your laptop into safe mode and try re-installing the driver of the graphics card through the ASUS official page.

Faulty backlight ¶ 

Turn the K50IJ on and hold a flashlight up to the screen. If you can see faint imagery or text, this most likely means you have a faulty back light. Try opening and closing the laptop a couple times to engage the backlight. If that doesn’t work, this means the backlight isn’t receiving a current, and you will have to replace the LVDS cable.

Faulty screen or bad video cable ¶ 

Turn the K50IJ on and plug it into an external monitor either through the HDMI or VGA cable, press the appropriate keys to switch it to external display (Fn + F8). If the external monitor works fine, you most likely have a faulty screen or bad video cable connection. Check both and replace the faulty one. (Screen Replacement Guide)


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