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After plugging in the device, there are no signs of power

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Before opening the device, be sure that the power outlet is working. If not, look around to see if there is a receptacle, common in kitchens and bathrooms, that has been tripped. If this is the case, then simply press the reset button

If the power cable shows visual damage, reference the power cord replacement guide

ARC-914SBD Power Cord Replacement

If the power outlet and the power cord are working properly, there may be issues with the control module. Please follow the instructions set forth in the replacement guide

ARC-914SBD Control Module Replacement

After you plug in the device and press the Cook button, the device does not generate heat

Check to see if the cooking light is on, perhaps the delay timer is still on

If the problem isn't the delay timer, then it has to be an error with the heater.

Please reference the heating element replacement guide

ARC-914SBD Heating Element/ Thermostat Replacement

During cooking there is a noticeable spilling of water on the counter

Check the condensation catcher located on the right of the device. If it is full, simply empty the container. If damaged or missing, refer to the condensation trap replacement guide

ARC-914SBD Condensation Catcher Replacement

After pushing a button, the intended effect does not occur

If some button(s) seems to not function properly, then the button(s) will have to be replaced. Refer to the push-button replacement guide

ARC-914SBD Push Buttons Replacement

The red light display is no longer lit and you can no longer see what you wish to select

If the device functions normally but the LED lights do not turn on, they need to be replaced. Refer to the LED replacement guide

ARC-914SBD LED Lights Replacement


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