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3DR Solo

The 3DR Solo is the first smart drone released by 3D Robotics in April 2015.

The drone will not power up after plugging it in to charge.

Try using an alternative charging cable in order to charge your Smart Drone. If the drone does not charge after connecting it to a new cable, there may be an issue with the drone’s battery.

If the charging cable is not the issue, the drone may have a faulty battery. Remove the current battery, as located on the top of the drone, and replace it with a new battery. After replacement, the drone should then power on.

The drone fails to connect to the smartphone app.

If the drone is unable to connect to the app, try checking to see if the app on your phone is updated to the current version. If the app is already updated, delete the app and re-download it. Restart your smartphone device before opening the app.

The drone is unresponsive to the controller.

The Solo mainboard is responsible for powering all components of the Solo 3DR. If the drone if unresponsive, try replacing this component.

If the controller will not power on, you will need to charge the controller with it’s charging cable. Leave the controller in to charge for about three hours in order to get a full charge.

The drone will not fly even after connection to the controller.

If the propellers will not start or fail to properly rotate, check to see if they are properly attached to the motors. Check the propeller for any obstructions and or broken parts. If broken, the propeller may need to be replaced.


My batt.are charged but the from will not come on.I did notice that the back left propeller was turning slower than the rest but did catch up and flew great.can you help me to troubleshoot my problem.thanks tim

Tim B - Reply

My battery are charged but the drone will not turn on.the back left propeller was turning slower then ran please

Tim B - Reply

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