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​JVC GR-D72U Troubleshooting

This page can help you troubleshoot problems with your JVC GR-D72U.

Cassette holder won’t open after being released or won’t eject the cassette once opened.

Inspect for smooth Cassette holder operation with fully charged device. It might be necessary to buy a new holder if the cassette holder does not operate properly or at all.

Ensure cassette holder’s integrity. If it is missing a component, or if a component of the holder is broken, a new holder will be needed to replace the holder. [Link to Cassette Holder Replacement Guide]

Make sure the camcorder is properly charged. According to the user’s manual, the device needs to be powered up to load or unload a cassette.

White LED light on the front of the camera does not come on when the light setting is set to on or auto.

In case that the plastic cover and internal flash broke, the bulb could be replaced. However, the camera flash is connected to capacitor that stores energy and is dangerous to fix if the person is not familiar with safety precautions. [Link to Cracked LED Light Replacement Guide]

Remove battery from camcorder and place on charger until fully charged.

No image shown on either the LCD monitor or the viewfinder.

The camera must be power on to see any images from the LCD monitor or viewfinder. Ensure that your camera has sufficient charge and is turned on.

Attach the camera to computer via USB and reset it back to factory settings. If you still have the same issue, then you should replace the CCD image sensor. [Link to Lateral Function Panel Port Replacement Guide]

Battery does not charge or does not hold its charge.

Check that the battery is properly secured/placed.

Inspect battery terminals for any possible corrosion which usually appears as white cloudy substance on the small metal terminals. If you find corrosion, carefully scrape it and wipe off any debris.

Ensure that both AC Adapter and the battery are properly connected to the camcorder, and the power switch is set to off. If the light on camcorder is still not blinking, then the AC adapter needs to be replaced.

If battery does not perform at all, consider the age and the amount of use the battery has been subject to. If it can be determined that the battery needs replacement due to excess use, a new battery pack must be bought. [Link to Battery Replacement Guide]

SD memory card cannot be detected when accessing the stored images and an error message appears or a message that says “no images”.

Check for cracks, or superficial damage of the SD Card. If none are present you can use another device with a functioning SD card reader to determine if your card is readable or not.

Check for damages on the metal connections, or if the adapter is write protected (locked) on the side.

If you have another device that can read your SD card and ensure that the card itself is functioning properly, then the problem may lie with your SD card reader in the video recorder. [Link to SD Slot Replacement Guide]


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