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  • How do I quiet a squeaky car door?

    I drive a 2000 Jeep Cherokee, and recently I noticed my passenger doors are very squeaky when opening an closing. What is the...
  • Broken Connector Hinge

    The little hinge that holds contains the three external ports on my laptop has snapped off. How can I replace this? Update: T...
  • Repair an old book spine?

    I like to read, and I also like really old books. Lately I've been visiting garage sales and buying old books to read. What I...
  • Tips on replacing a 60W lightbulb?

    I have a really old lamp, and I want to put an energy efficient bulb in it. I can't seem to find 60W compact fluorescent bulb...


  • Answer to: How do I upgrade the standard 64GB SSD

    No one is selling them yet, but iFixit has pledged to sell them when they are available. https://twitter.com/iFixit/status/153501...
  • Answer to: water damage, now working, but dim display, need help with cleaning

    As far as I know if the backlight is not working, either the screen or the logic board is hosed.
  • Answer to: I washed my son's zune! can it work again?

    There are is a lot of suggestions for possible solutions to this, but the most common one is to open it up and put the pieces in a bag of rice for a few days. That will help soak up the moisture. Often though washing machines shake devices up too much and make it a lost cause. So if you can't get it to work after drying it out, sell the broken one on ebay (people buy them even though they are broken) or recycle it properly, then go pick up a new one.
  • Answer to: swapping charging devices in phone

    As long as you mean the cable and power brick, then yes. I've use a first gen iPod charger to charge an iPhone 3GS with no problems. If the charger doesn't work with your phone, the phone will tell you, which is what happens when you plug an iPhone into my iPod car dock.
  • Answer to: 3G on AT&T

    As of a few weeks ago you can now buy a Nexus one that works on AT&T straight from Google.
  • Answer to: I live in Zimbabwe! I want some iPhone parts!

    Hi Victor, As far as I know iFixit does not ship to Zimbabwe. You can try ordering though the iFixit (http://www.ifixit.com/Parts-Store), but if that does not work you can always try eBay.
  • Answer to: Which 12" PB Parts are Compatable

    I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure that models A1010 and A1104 are the same machine with just different chips. iFixit's device page (http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Device/Power...-1.5_GHz) gives instructions on how to replace most parts, and uses the same info for both devices, which in my mind would imply that they have the same body. Hope that helps.
  • Answer to: upgrade to the highest level.

    On the right hand side of this page, you can see links to 16 step-by-step guides, and 36 parts for sale. This probably won't upgrade every part in your laptop, but it is a start.
  • Answer to: Ejects itself from iTunes library.

    It sounds like there is a bug in the firmware you have on your iPod. I've had something similar happen to me, and to fix it I've just restarted the iPod (turn on hold, count to five, turn off hold, press and hold the center button and the menu button till it reboots). If you reboot both your computer and your iPod and it still doesn't come out of the do not disconnect state, then you should make sure all of your music is backed up off of your iPod onto your computer and use the factory reset button in itunes to reinstall the software to your iPod. I hope that helps.
  • Answer to: How do I fix or replace a broken ring/silent switch?

    There are a few questions on this, but I couldn't quickly find any, so I don't blame you for asking ;). iFixit though, has a guide for fixing this switch. The part you need to replace is the headphone jack assembly.