• iPhone 4 Teardown

    That oval copper thing in the center looks like a low-frequency inductor-type antenna. It has two spring leads that contact the back of the circuit board. Could this be used for near field communications/RFID?

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    oh wait, no way... that looks like a real speaker :-) false alarm!

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Quote from Dragan:

    THIS particular sensor have more than two(three) output, as photo resistors/diodes or cells have.

    Resistors and diodes have two leads, but a lot of ambient light sensors have a built-in amplifier or analog-to-digital converter to make integration easier. For example, see the Toshiba TBS852. Even if the device doesn't have an amplifier, it's common on small packages to have extra leads whose only function is mechanical. But, since there is a capacitor next to this package, it probably has this extra circuitry.

  • iPod shuffle 3rd Generation Teardown

    Quote from Gyro:

    Yes, please investigate the headset more if you could, would love a diagram and to see the other side of the button PCB. I have been really wanting to see more details about the remote with mic internals and if there are any chips involved. (not likely given the size)

    Wiring schematic would be amazing seeing as there is no place online that provides them as of yet.

    Yep, me too! The EFF is claiming that there is DRM in the remote interface, based on very weak evidence: the ilounge people heard some beeping and assumed it was some sort of DRM.

    If pictures aren't easy to do, I'd like to know if there is an IC back there, or just a couple of resistors.

    Thanks, and awesome work as usual!