• Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Teardown

    My TAB got caught in a "boot loop" from a ROM flashing attempt. I was trying to ROOT it. I saw that it wouldn't turn off. It would just stay on - frozen at the pulsing SAMSUNG Logo and every re-boot attempt I made would leave it stuck there - powered on. I thought if I could pull the power cable from the battery and let the capacitors drain I would get out of the boot-loop. It didn't work.

    Anyway, of those 3 super-thin black flex cables - the one in the center (the one shown in your tear-down that's in in the person's hand in your demo) - it's pin end-connecter is actually half as thin as the other 2 side cables and thus lacks sufficient rigidity to easily slide it back into it's respective mother board socket. The reason I'm asking is that after re-assembling the tablet - it doesn't get picked up by the PC the I normally attach it to. I'm wondering if its because that center cable doesn't have all its contact touching the MoBo socket pin slots?

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Teardown

    - Continued

    Do you Guys/Ladies use a special tool or technique to slide these ultra-thin flex cables back into their respective MoBo sockets?

    Can you possibly do a picture demo or video about how to do that properly - to avoid causing too many headaches for those interested in tinkering with these type of devices - please?