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  • Answer to: Is there a larger, faster hard drive?

    So the 240GB 4200 RPM sister drive MK2431GAH which is just 3mm taller would not fit? In general does the manufacturer's specs have to state that the interface is Parallel ATA(PATA)/ZIF in order for the Air's PATA/ZIF cable to work? For this drive the interface is PATA. This drive is so close but yet so far .... Thanks!


  • MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Upper Case Replacement

    On the top of the case mark the center of each of the four clips that are over the CD slot and the one clip to the left of the latch with a pencil. When re-installing the top case apply pressure over the clip to the left of the latch until you hear a snap. For the four clips over the CD slot, upend the entire case. Then insert the flat end of the spudger into the CD slot under the center of each clip. Apply pressure from the top of the case while providing support with the spudger in the CD slot until the clip snaps in. This will minimize the chances of bending the CD slot which would prevent CDs from ejecting.