• iPhone 3G Vibrator Replacement

    Following this guide, while trying to "flip up the white plastic tab", it broke (it is the BLACK one that should be flipped) and now I have a 600 EUR paperweight.

    On my 3G, there is both a white & black plastic tab; it is the BLACK one that needs to be flipped up 90 degrees...

    Normally iFixIt is awesome with the details, but this oversight left me sad, annoyed, and without an iPhone :( :( :(

  • iPhone 3G Vibrator Replacement

    Quote from M R:

    That's not right, just put my iPhone in parts and on the 3G it's definitly a white plastic which should be flipped!!

    Guide worked like a charm!

    Thx for this guys!


    Perhaps I wasn't clear; some have white and some have black; consider yourself one of the lucky ones! This oversight can be costly otherwise.

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    Can you offer a printable version of this article as a single page?