• Answer to: No battery loading, magsafe light is dimming green

    Hello, thx mayer. Here is the screenshoot upload. There is no black or red X on the battery icon. I tried another ac adapter, it is not working. thx for you help!
  • Answer to: How do I clean corrosion after water damage?

    It is important to clean with 99% isopropanol, ethanol or alcohol, dont use 70%, it is to much water. When you have a ultrasonic take the isoporpanol inside and than the iphone logicboard. Be carefull that the mikrophone and the speaker have no contact with the isoprobanol.
  • Answer to: you need to restart your computer... and water damage

    Hello, thx for help from everyone! I found the problem :-). It was not a hardware problem, it was a stupid mistake by myself lol. I used a older version from Mac OS X. On the USB Device was a version older than 10.6.3 And the first installation dvd was just 10.6 both of them I got the kernelpanic. Than I used the original installation dvd with 10.6.4 and it worked. I installed this version on the USB-device and after the installation I can boot from the USB-device! Thanks for help, you and I fixed it ;-)