• Answer to: Airport Extreme card replacement

    I managed to replace my Airport card and the antennae portion of the card too. The job was actually pretty straight forward and simple. If anyone wants any pointers please drop me a line. I plan to recreate it and take step-by-step photos. There are lots of great video guides online, particularly on iFitIt.xom but none that demonstrate what to do with the Airport card. The only pain is that my wireless is now only working intermittently. It think it's a problem with the replacement card (used) I bought online, I'm trying to find a brand new one to try out now. If that it's the solution, then it might be my logic board. Airport can now see that I have an airport card installed but it can't detect any wireless networks. Then today, all of a sudden, it did see the networks, then it didn't. Did, didn't, did, didn't. That says to me it's a bad connection somewhere? Anyway... I've resorted to paying Apple $107 to replace the card with a new one and let them sort it out. I've lost a week of my life doing this! :)
  • Answer to: iSight Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard & AirPort Don't Work. Connector?

    Hi there! I had a similar problem in that although I have an airport card installed in my MacBook Pro 13in Unibody, the laptop doesn't recognize the card and says "Airport card not installed" in the WiFi icon at the top of the screen. Anyway... I've stripped down my laptop, every component taken out and back together again. After following (the AWESOME) video guides on this website, I totally tore down my mac this evening. I found the AirPort Card inside the Clutch casing... so it IS in there, I'm not crazy. It looked ok, and the cables at either side were connected ok. BUT there were two wires attached to wireless card, I'm guessing from the gold colored tips to them, connecting to the circuit board, that these are the WiFi and Bluetooth antennae?? Anyone? 1 was firmly attached, the other was loose. I tried to connect the loose one but it wouldn't hold down. Anyway... my point is if the connectors to the logic board look ok, which mine do too, it could be the circuitry inside your clutch casing too.


  • MacBook Core 2 Duo AirPort Card Replacement

    This guide was great but I have the new Unibody MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2.26GHz. Does anyone know how to replace the wireless card in this new type of MacBook? Thanks!

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Teardown

    Hi. AMAZING walkthrough and I really love your website. I need HELP!

    I bought a refurbished MBP 13-inch 2.26 GHz and I don't think it came with a wireless card (I think I got ripped!). Bluetooth is working but my airport says "No Airport card installed".

    Anyway - is it possible to check if the wireless card is in there? If not, is it possible to replace it? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!!!