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  • Answer to: Replacing fan in MacBook Unibody - do I need thermal paste/compound?

    fans dont use paste, just heat sink & cpu
  • Answer to: Where can I find replacement screws?

    this should work 4 u - MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2010 through Mid 2012) Screw Set
  • Answer to: Screw Set available on Ifixit?

    here is what u need - iPod 3G Screw Set
  • Answer to: Which replacement display should I get?

    Here how todo: MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD Panel Replacement U deside.
  • Answer to: no powers on but no vidio

    reseat u'r RAM. 3 beeps mean RAM problems.
  • Answer to: How to eliminate the passcode and reset

    Omg, you have a big big problem with the firmware Richard, it's possible to do it into many ways, the way to fix it is to restore the firmware. Since the ipad is frozen, you should put it into DFU MODE.To put the iPad into DFU MODE, you need to press the power button and hold, wait till the device shuts down. Then insert the cable with the home button pressed down. iTunes will now recognize the iPad and ask you if you want to restore.You have to download the firmware, here's iOS 5.0.1 or below (http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/) to a computer. To install an older version press the option key on your well build apple keyboard, an example would be ios 4.3.2 or if you want to upgrade to ios 5.0.1 you don't have to download any firmware because iTunes will automatically do it. It's much easier if you restore an apple device with another apple device. MOST OF THE TIME DUMB PC WON'T RESTORE IT. The easy way to upgrade without downloading any firmware is to do it by itunes(remember, itunes will always going to...
  • Answer to: I don't understand how to install new graphic card?

    it is built in and cant b changed
  • Answer to: master cylinder slave cylinder

    I got m+s tires and it cost $25 each ohh yeah it fly i love manual transmission its fast i my first time i think it was to much to fly at 125mph but i understood that is what a 2010 v8 truck will run and the 3000Gt/stealth 93' will and have to pass i wanted to rpm to the maximun but i thougth 155mph is too much i couldnt brake i had to used hand brake and pedal brake i was close to 160mph but i will never do it again or i will dissapear forever.
  • Answer to: Getting kernel panic when booting up

    WHAT i would do in this case will start the MAC using the CD drive, with the MAC OS X reinstal software, go to disk utility and repair the hard drive. this will not delete your files, and as far as a know this migth be a hard drive issue. try that, and i really dont think it that there is an issue with the graphics card,.... do im wrong??? any wise person that can tell me that im wrong?? Mr. Rich.d Mayer.