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  • Answer to: Why can't I find the Torx T6 security driver tool anywhere?

    iFixit manufactured a Torx T6 Security driver for a short period. We could not find any real-world applications for it at the time and discontinued it. Our EU store still has some limited stock http://eustore.ifixit.com/en/Tools/Drive...-Wrenches/TR6-Torx-Security-Screwdriver.html Apple has recently started using this fastener in the Mac Mini, and we should have a solution in stock in the USA by 10/24/2014. TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver
  • Answer to: Heavy Duty Suction Cup broke

    All of your order paperwork, as well as your order confirmation, shipping, and check up emails sent should all have both email and phone contact information. A quick phone call will get you replacements sent right out.
  • Answer to: How do I fix my broken odometer?

    Since it is trying to display what looks like valid correct numbers, and not completely scrambled, I'm guessing it's a connection issue. It might be the plug under the dash that plugs into the odometer, or it maybe the actual contacts on the LCD panel. There is often a rubbery strip that runs along the edge of an LCD panel that acts as the contacts for the display. Sometimes the adhesive comes unstuck, and the LCD will display like that. I have re-glued them down and had them work happily again. If you have to replace your LCD, since it is digital the mileage maybe stored in your ECU? in which case I would expect it to keep the correct mileage.
  • Answer to: Tip: A wooden Mancala board makes a great sorting tray!

    iFixit sells a sorting tray now, a tool we've used in house for a long time on all our teardowns and repairs. If you are doing any repair with more then 4 steps, I highly recommend it. Nothing worse then reassembling, and not being sure which microscopic screws go where.. Sorting Tray
  • Answer to: iPhone 3G S not charging

    Ioannisk, The iFixit support team is available via phone and email to help solve issues like this. I've forwarded this info to our support team to help you troubleshoot your issue. -Eric
  • Answer to: does the new parts come with the cables

    You don't want to damage the plugs on the logic board that they plug into, and it's a bad idea to destroy any part, new or old before you complete your repair. Also, not everyone using the guide is replacing those parts, some are opening the phone to do other repairs.
  • Answer to: bios setup utility and storage configuration

    Start here: http://support.dell.com/support/download...
  • Answer to: Why my phone memory shows that full

    First I would update your phones firmware if you haven't done so already. Depending on your carrier, this is usually done by dialing a * (star) followed by a number. Next I would try to rule out the SD memory card, I would test a different card in it and see if the problem persists. After that I would try removing and re-installing your battery to force a hard reboot if deleting all messages and media files then updating your firmware doesn't clear up any memory.
  • Answer to: GE Microwave Oven jes1451 will not turn on

    Does it show anything on the display but won't start? If there's nothing on the display, checking that there's continuity (unplugged of course) on everything that's obviously between the end of the power cord and fuse would be about as far as I could recommend. If the display is working, I would look to the interlock switch for the door. There is always an interlock on the door of microwaves that prevents them from operating if the door is open, see if you can access this, and test continuity on it and the wiring that leads to it. I know you obviously have a multimeter, but for other users, to test continuity, you would use a Digital Multimeter to test fuses, wires, and switches.
  • Answer to: Battery white wire soldering pin destroyed

    That solder contact passes through the board, so you maybe able to attach it from either side. Have you carefully removed all the solder: Desoldering Braid I've found if I desolder those contacts first, the job goes much smoother and the end result is cleaner.


  • iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

    Lauri, There are several variations of the iPhone 4/4s and the panels are not all compatible. You probably ordered the wrong panel for your phone. Contact support@ifixit.com if you bought it from iFixit. Your email also has no order history with iFixit USA. Did you order your part from iFixit EU store? or a different vendor that referred you to iFixit's instructions (not uncommon)?

    I have this panel on my phone, and have installed dozens of them on other phones with no issues ever.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2009 Battery Replacement

    Please note - the step about removing the battery is part of a pre-requisite guide, that is used for many of the guides, most that do require removal of the battery. Also, working inside a disassembled laptop with the battery still connected risks damaging/shorting out very expensive parts.

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 DC-In Board Replacement

    I have just tested several of those drivers from our shelf in 3 different MacBooks we have here with tri-wing type screws, and they are all a perfect fit. I have sent you an email to try and find out why your driver did not fit, you may have a mid 2009 model with pentalobular screws instead?

  • Transmission/Primary Oil Change

    SAE 20w50 Motorcycle oil is what is recommended by Harley Davidson. Engine and gear oil are measured on different scales. SAE 20w50 is the same as 75w90 gear oil. Some modern synthetic automotive oils are not compatible with wet clutches. 20w50 is still the correct oil recommended by the manufacturer, just make sure not to buy an oil not approved for use with motorcycle clutches. http://www.harley-davidson.com/store/syn...