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  • MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Optical Drive Replacement

    My machine had a grey Torx here.

  • iPod Nano 6th Generation Headphone Jack Assembly Replacement

    Note that on the two-button sub-frame (the left-hand piece secured by two of the four screws in Step 13) there are two tiny locating studs which must be aligned on the replacement wire ribbon.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Hard Drive Replacement

    Agreed! Two hugely tricky steps here. The larger of the two components really did NOT want to come away from the hard drive case (I was afraid of tearing the ribbon cable), AND I accidentally pulled the Bluetooth ribbon out from the case. Heck of a job to replace it! Anyone know where I can get the opaque plastic sheath for the Bluetooth board?

  • Step 25: now is a good time to retrieve and put somewhere safe the right ambient light-sensor cover.

  • Step 50: you will need to remove the black plastic right-hand speaker base (top right in photo), also the three-wire connector complete with the infra-red detector next to the sleep light/latch, which runs beside the red wire at the bottom of the photo above.

  • Be aware that replacing the rear bezel without problems depends entirely on gentle handling. There are some aluminum tabs in recesses on the top edge of the rear bezel that do not take kindly to rough handling!

  • You would be well advised to buy in some Kapton tape before reassembly, as the old tape tends to split on removal.

  • Step 29: if you are replacing a damaged lower case, you will definitely need some thermal paste for the heat-sinks.

  • Step 9: This screw was missing on my iPod. It has been replaced by a rivet.