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  • Answer to: Can you replace the i5 processor with an i7?

    Since the iMac is alo offerd with an 1156 form i7 2.8 GHz chip as an optional upgrade, I'd wager that at the very least THAT particular chip would work. The 2.93 part may work to, but the BIOS must support the part and that is up in the air. I'd say the chance of success for the 2.8 i7 chip is probably high enough to warrant a try though. It'd be great to find future support for additional 1156 based chips inside too!


  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 Upper Case Replacement

    I ordered a new topcase for my early 2011 MBP from We Love Macs in CA after I accidentally spilled beer on mine (sob) and after cleaning/drying everything worled but the power switch. This guide walked me through it beautifully and I now have a working MBP again! Thanks so much iFixit.

    This task is definitely for a more technically inclined person. There are a lot of fragile connectors that can be damaged, and even though I am very technically inclined I had sweat on my brow the whole way through. Follow the directions carefully and keep all the small parts separate from each step so you won't get confused when you put it all back. Also, the tools from ifixit, or similar ones are a must.

    Thanks iFixit!