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  • Answer to: Why I can't log on facebook

    Facebook has de-activated SSL3 support for older devices because of the Poodle vulnerability. You'll need to see if Sony has a browser security update.
  • Answer to: Getting a blank white screen

    Don't fear, this happens from time to time. You just need to take it apart again! You probably have a loose cable. Does it make a noise on bootup? If not, then it might be the battery connector. If it gets part of the way into bootup, it could be the hard drive cable. But I think the most likely culprit is the display data cable. Try disconnecting and reconnecting it. You can test the machine without putting all the bottom case screws back in. Just make sure it's off when you're fiddling with the cables.
  • Answer to: Can l add 4LTE to the Tablet

    No. The cellular technology is integrated into the main board and the WiFi version doesn't have the antennas it needs.
  • Answer to: Dropped in water and only vibrates when trying to power on

    The first thing I recommend with any water damage situation is to open the product up and make sure you don't have corrosion building up inside. You may need to clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Follow these water troubleshooting directions. The power to your vibrator is obviously still working, so it may be a quiet switch that is broken. I don't have experience with this particular phone, but perhaps check the software settings and see if you can manually trigger the vibrator. If you share more information with us we can help you narrow the problem down further!
  • Answer to: How to Profit from iCloud Locked iPod 5th Gen

    That's pretty difficult to bypass. You need to get the original owner to unlock it for you.
  • Answer to: iPhone 5/C/S white screen boot logo

    I have a extremely strong suspicion that this is a software setting on the mainboard, and swapping the display for one with a different color bezel will change nothing. Jailbreaking your phone is pretty easy, especially if you're on iOS 7 (not 7.1 where there is only a Chinese jailbreak at the moment).
  • Answer to: Does not drain the water at the end of cycle

    I just installed a new garbage disposal because the last one developed a leak in the plastic casing. Garbage disposal worked great, but my dishwasher filled up with water. I realized that i forgot to remove the stopper plug from the disposal! They make them with a plug in case you're not hooking up a dishwasher. So if you just installed a new disposal and now your dishwasher is filling up with water, check to see if there's a plastic plug blocking your drain.
  • Answer to: Just replaced the processor and RAM and will not post

    Update from Steven: I just noticed that the USB keyboard did not work when plugged into the iMac, BUT the mouse did. I took the Apple keyboard to my laptop and plugged it in and it works perfectly. All I did was install a new processor. I hope this new symptom helps diagnosis. Update 2: I took the iMac apart today and put back the old T2500 chip. It worked again. Since I found some GeekBench results for a T7600 on a iMac 4,1, I am assuming I can swap the T2500 for a T7600, therefore, the processor must be bad. I returned it today.
  • Answer to: upgrading ram & processor of nokia n8 handset

    As far as I know, this cannot be done. Most cell phones are not upgradeable.
  • Answer to: scratched back of iPhone... how to replace?

    We sell the rear panel here.