• Flash led stuck in ON

    This morning I noticed my LED flasher was on. Started the camera, still set in HDR mode, manually turning on the flasher and ...
  • Minimizing my MacBook Pro's heat

    What can I do, other then keep the heatsinks clean and monitor Fan speeds, to keep my system's thermals down? Dabbling a bit ...


  • Answer to: Flash led stuck in ON

    I slipped a piece of paper between the camera module and the thing that's below it. The piece is folded over a few times to gain a thickness of about 1~2 mm The pressure expressed is enough to keep the camera/flash from shorting.
  • Answer to: Minimizing my MacBook Pro's heat

    THe Memory cap for this system lies at 6Gb, but that 4Gb SO-DIMM is rather expensive. I already run Snow Leopard which took a full 2 degrees of the max back-then... but that's it. SMCfanControl is currently running automatically at startup, and helps keep the heat down once it's there, if there's no real cure for the issue, I will let it slide, so long as that G86 chip doesn't go bad on me, it's no real threat to my health.
  • Answer to: dark band on display

    Looks like a mild case of backlight bleeding. Judging by the photo it doesn't strike me as product-threatening, but you might want a second opinion. and nothing's wrong with your English, it's perfectly understandable. :ADDED 08-12-09 I fear you're looking a ta works-as-designed issue, I've seen Dell notebooks, HP All-in-one's and branded monitors you name it... displaying similar issues(Though most in a larger degree). -IF it really is a defective product, an applestore should be able to have it replaced, no way that's a case of Customer Abuse. -If it IS normal operation, no replacement part is going to resolve.


  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    There's a tiny blue thingemabob on the bottom rim of the backcover, is this a warrenty seal?

  • iMac Intel 27" EMC 2309 and 2374 Teardown

    Equally gorgeous on the inside, a Black PCB, very classy.

    That's quite some ventilation though, can't imagine what the 4850 would use in the way of copperware...

  • MacBook Air 11" Late 2010 Teardown

    THat is WAAAAAAY to much thermal paste, you oculd easy do with a quarter of that!