My name is Michael as you can see, i grew up with an old dell dimension pentinum 2 or 3 cant remember but it was running windows 98SE i had no internet on it because i was a hand me down computer, but none the less i started exploring the operating system, the hidden folders and it was there that i learned about file types, command prompt, dos and some other great things i know today, when my mom upgraded her computer i eventually got her xp dell dimension from 2004, i ran windows xp on that and played around on it, it was the second computer i took apart but it was then i leaned about ide, what exactly was a hard drive and also learned about ram types and much more. the machine finally got upgraded to windows 7 starter as that was all it could handle. the first mac i ever played around with was one that i garbage picked well they had it out in the front to go out, it was an imac g3 and it was the first time i played with mac os 9 and also 10 that machine was also given to my friend. in high school i studied cisco and computer repair. it was during 2012 my junior year when i got a top of the line hp laptop with beats audio. i ended up graduating in 2013 to end up working at staples easy tech 2 years later. right now i have a lenovo windows 10 desktop, microsoft surface pro with windows 10, a samsung galaxy mega 6.3, a macbook, and a mac mini. as you can see my interest in technology never stops and my love for technology repair will be one to never go away