Students: Read this before claiming one of my pages. ¶ 

If you are part of a student group and claim one of my Device pages or Wikis, please respect these guidelines:

  • Only change what needs work. If it works as-is, it's best to leave it.
  • If the original content is mostly usable, the amount of content changed should be limited to what is required to do what you wish to do.
  • If there is any content you wish to remove in mass without replacement, it should be verified as incorrect first. If there is no information on it or you do not have enough time to verify the information, it is correct and tested.
  • If you find content you can't verify but think it needs work, revise it in it's current form. Replacement is okay, but that content should be restored in some way, shape or form.
  • If there is a TOC and it is removed, it should be replaced when you are finished.

As long as these general guidelines are respected, I generally do not have a problem with most student edits. I did it the way I did it originally for a reason and it's written that way on purpose. Unless it's something I put together as a presentable rough draft to invest time in refining, there should be little to no need to make major changes.

Major changes that go beyond these guidelines: If there is a question of exceeding these guidelines, it may be best to go in the middle and err on the side of caution. What you do about this is your call, though.

Certifications and Certificates ¶ 

PC Pro Certification

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Technical School Certificate of Completion

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School ¶ 

Sunlake High School (Dual enrollment; also went to Marchman Technical Center at the same time)

Graduated in 2014

Interests ¶ 

  • Messing with Linux (I often have a second computer I dedicate towards using for Linux)
  • Cleaning up other company's (and people's) messes
  • Board level electronics repair
  • Data recovery
  • Photography
  • Gaming (VERY limited)

Photography examples ¶ 

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iFixit community: You may want to take notes from this. Maybe the Answers community won't suck as much :-).