I am currently majoring in Visual Communication Design (VCD). In the VCD program there are many creative people involved who get to show that same creativity in their work. Besides VCD, I studied for a minor in Art. From my minor I learn a lot about being expressive but still having mean in anything I do.

I have been at Eastern Washington University for three years and am starting my fourth and possibly final year here. Graduating in the spring quarter of 2017 is what I am planning for. By then I would hope to have both the knowledge and experience to tackle the real world. As well as being able to truly call myself a professional graphic designer.

The skills in my possession that I feel are beneficial to the project are having a keen eye, my hard work, and the determination to do my work. I believe these to be valuable for the project in giving over one-hundred percent of my effort into it. My experience with DIY, repair, tools, etc. is not very much but I am always willing to try and learn, which I think will benefit my team by being able to carry my own weight alongside them.