I'm majoring in VCD, and have a minor in philosophy. I've been at EWU for a total of 3 years; this is my 4th. I'm planning on graduating next fall. I work for EWU Dining Services as a graphic designer, I hope this will help my translation into the business world. I like to take long walks on the beach and enjoy pina coladas. I spend a lot of my time longboarding for icecream or chatting it up with friends either online or in person. My favorite color is blue and I like to cook, mostly stir-fry.

I've tinkered with several devices before this class, I believe that my prior experience will be valuable. I replaced the screen, hard drive, and fan on an old laptop of mine (and installed a new OS), and later on I put together a new desktop that I had ordered part by part. When I was in middle school I took apart and old desktop and put it back together before we recycled it. My prior experience will benefit our project by giving us the experience and general knowledge of what to pay attention to and what to not lose to be able to fix our device.