Been using computers since the Commodore days and Macs since '89, thus I could apply for a Gray Beards membership. I've had a commercial education and career but life is strange and stranded me to an island where my previous experiences were basically useless.

Decided to transform a simple hobby for electronics in general and an old passion for Apple products into something more serious and professional.

I like fixing things and giving them a longer life and a better look. I like trying to accompany the products that served me great through their vintage age until they will become antiques.

I do refurbishing and repair faulty Macs and the rest of the cheerful family of apple stamped devices . I know enough electronics to do some basic logic boards repairs, but the room to improve my understanding and skills is still huge indeed. I'm fascinated by microsoldering and love the feeling of being able to replace a part that's 1/20th of a grain of rice.

I learnt a lot from the net and this community and I hope I'll manage to be able to give something back.